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Deutsche Börse



Deutsche Börse is one of the world’s leading stock exchanges, providing investors and organizations with access to global markets. One of its core revenue drivers is supplying clients with market data mined from internal electronic trading systems. Recently, Deutsche Börse set loftier goals around its data offerings, and built out a data science team dedicated to advanced analytics that would drive new insights and products for the business. Early on in its journey to outfit this data science team with a modern technology stack, Deutsche Börse identified data wrangling technology as a critical element.


  • Deutsche Börse invested in an expensive team of data scientists to perform analytics, but the team was bogged down with data preparation and unable to execute.
  • Deutsche Börse leverages data from different sources that it must quickly standardize for analysis, but the process of combining this data was extremely time-consuming.
  • Without a visual interface, Deutsche Börse’s data scientists couldn’t collaborate with market experts to understand how the raw data needed to be transformed

Solution with Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta

  • Designer Cloud has accelerated the process of preparing data for Deutsche Börse’s team of data scientists, allowing them to focus on the data science problems they were hired to solve
  • Automatically recognizes data types and intelligently predicts the correct transformations needed to standardize heterogeneous data
  • Visual interface, which provides detailed visual representations of the data, Deutsche Börse’s team of data scientists can easily communicate and collaborate with internal market experts

Company Background

Deutsche Börse organizes markets characterized by integrity, transparency, and safety for investors who invest capital and for companies that raise capital. Founded in 1993, its headquarters are in Frankfurt, Germany, with customers that span Europe, the United States, and Asia.

“The data we leverage is extremely varied and undergoes thousands of updates every second, which makes Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta a critical tool for our data scientists. Designer Cloud accelerates the process of preparing data and allows our data scientists to focus on the analytics that improve the marketplace at Deutsche Börse.”



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