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70 %

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Increase in media impact for clients

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Increase in new customers for clients

Core Challenges

Callahan sets itself apart as a marketing agency with its use of data. The agency collects data from a huge variety of sources that extend well beyond a client’s marketing function in order to best assess baseline practices and identify opportunities. This approach, while successful, was not without its challenges—preparing and integrating data pulled from SAP, LinkedIn, Shopify, Facebook and Salesforce, etc. was time-consuming and tedious. Working with demanding clients only exacerbated these challenges; it became a race against the clock for Callhan to prepare a given client’s data sources fast enough in order to communicate campaign results. As an agile team without dedicated data engineering resources, Callahan needed a solution that would allow everyday analysts to accelerate data preparation.


How Dataprep by Trifacta Solved this Problem

Callahan assembled a modern cloud data warehouse stack built on Google Cloud that includes Dataprep by Trifacta, BigQuery, and Fivetran. Since the stack is dominated by software as a service (SaaS) technologies, Callahan got up and running in minutes—there was nothing to install or configure. Dataprep, in particular, has greatly accelerated all of the cleansing and transformation work required in integrating multiple data sources. Dataprep automatically suggests the best transformations for the dataset, such as removing null values or standardizing state names, and allows Callhan to easily join columns together or remove them from an analysis. The result is faster, more robust data preparation, which leads to better analysis and more impactful client results.



70% of Callahan analyst time now spent on analysis

Callahan analysts get to do what they do best—analyzing data, not managing or maintaining it.

90% increase in media impact for clients

Callahan was able to more quickly identify successful ads vs. those performing poorly.

2X increase in new customers for clients

Pinpointing the leads that mattered allowed Callahan to convert those leads more readily.