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Saves Their Customers $300,000 a Year with Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta


Core Challenges

BizDog focuses on mid-sized companies, a lot of work comes from private equity firm referrals. Almost every company has data sources from CRM systems, ERP systems, billing and customer support systems etc. Their clients are using manual processes to ingest data including Google analytics. Due to the data size with millions of rows and vLookups the process was not scalable and made it challenging to meet their business goals. BizDog also using other methodologies was assembling large datasets together to build scripts, clean and process data. In the process they faced challenging bottlenecks and were unable to easily provide insights on data lineage to clients when they were looking for it. With a customer base growing at 20% BizDog needed to develop a platform-based service offering.


How Designer Cloud Solved this Problem:

Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta delivers a collaborative self-service data engineering platform that has empowered BizDog and given them ability to automate and enable BI capabilities to allow for resultant data for client insights. This expanded marketing analytics has provided granular insights down to the keyword and acquisition level giving a lifetime value to customer spend. BizDog Group’s platform-based solution is now being marketed to companies globally. 



Enriched Data

Marketing analytics platform helps optimize keyword selection, resulting up to $300,000/Year savings

Pull Forward Revenue

Timely onboarding of customers has allowed for growth, the base is growing at 20%

Faster Insights

Ability to provide daily ad-spending insights instead of ad-hoc analysis.