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Core Challenges

Data is at the epicenter of core ABN AMRO strategies, such as improving the customer experience or optimizing processes around compliance and regulations. But fulfilling data requirements for business users slowed progress—often, these users waited two days for data requirements. And that delay lengthened as ABN AMRO took on new and more complex data. Meanwhile, the outsourced data center (IBM) and legacy tooling (SAS/Informatica) that underpinned data architecture at ABN AMRO was costly, inflexible, and didn’t allow for agile analytics. ABN AMRO knew that it’s ambitious analytics goals  didn’t match its data technology.


How Trifacta Solved this Problem

ABN AMRO overhauled its data technology, migrating from an outsourced IBM data center to Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform. With this data modernization came a paradigm shift; no longer would data be managed by a small team but, vis-à-vis the Trifacta platform, it could be democratized across the organization. Instead of waiting days for data, business users now have instantaneous access to the data they need. And better yet, there is very little time spent digging through the data for answers—Trifacta allows users to get to the root of the value right away and share their work with colleagues, contractors, and stakeholders. On top of the new analytic value that ABN AMRO is generating, it has also cut significant costs by reducing legacy contracts.



New Analytic Value

With Trifacta, ABN AMRO has been able to implement a new automated regulatory reporting framework that accelerates previous manual efforts.

Higher Quality Data

ABN AMRO saw an 80% reduction in manual data adjustments after business users were able to drive higher quality data through their own data preparation efforts.

Reduced Costs

By replacing SAS/Informatica with Trifacta, ABN AMRO has reported a 40% TCO savings.