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Google Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta is the only serverless data preparation service native to Google Cloud. Cloud Dataprep is an intelligent data preparation service for visually exploring, cleaning, and transforming structured and unstructured data for analytics, reporting, and machine learning. The platform can dynamically scale resources to handle any data preparation job without requiring users to manage infrastructure. Cloud Dataprep accelerates data cleaning by not requiring users to write code and utilizing machine learning to guide users on the data preparation tasks to perform.

Cloud Dataprep Standard edition offers the fundamental capabilities to manage data preparation tasks for individuals and teams with the following capabilities:

  • Native Google Cloud service – serverless, auto-provisioned & available globally
  • Intuitive interface enabling users to prepare data with clicks, not code
  • Visual data discovery and exploration
  • Predictive transformation suggestions powered by machine learning
  • Intelligent data quality assessment and remediation
  • At-scale pipeline execution powered by Cloud Dataflow
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) user management with Google Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Cloud Dataprep Premium inherits all Standard edition features, plus a range of advanced functionalities for initiatives with advanced requirements:

  • Additional connectivity including Oracle, Microsoft SQLServer, PostgresSQL, and connectors
  • Advanced data pipelining capabilities with jobs orchestration & task sequencing, webhooks, email alerting, advanced APIs, and dataflow processing optimization
  • Enhanced security & access controls for fine-grained permissions management and pass-through security (OAuth)

To learn more about all of the available Cloud Dataprep plans, visit the pricing page

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