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  • Trifacta for Marketers: Eliminate Ad Fraud Before Building an Attribution Model

    This is the fourth post in an ongoing series about how marketers are leveraging Trifacta, authored by... more

      |  June 18, 2018

    Data Preparation – Who Needs It, Why Now, and How do I Build a Business Case?

    By Stewart Bond, IDC Research Director, Data Integration and Data Integrity Software It’s a new world... more

      |  June 14, 2018

    Teaching Data Prep Concepts in the Classroom

    Trifacta Wrangler, our free personal edition of Trifacta, is being used at hundreds of universities around... more

      |  June 1, 2018

    Trifacta Data Preparation Training & Certification Is Here

    Accelerate your learning and put your skills to the test with Trifacta’s new training and certification... more

      |  May 29, 2018

    Target Schema Matching for Faster Data Onboarding

    At Trifacta, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the data preparation process by learning from our... more

      |  May 25, 2018

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    Trifacta for Marketers: Paving the Path to a 360º Customer Experience

    This is the third post in a series about how marketers are leveraging Trifacta, authored by Trifacta’s VP... more

      |  May 22, 2018

    Trifacta Launches Survey on the State of Data Preparation

    Today, we announced the results of our first-ever survey on the state of data preparation, which includes... more

      |  May 17, 2018

    Tutorial: Trifacta String Manipulation

    Guest Contributor: Curtis Seare cohosts the Data Crunch podcast, edits the AI & ML Biweekly Beat... more

      |  May 16, 2018

    Data Wrangling Experience Pays Off

    You already know that wrangling your data pays off. You save time. You avoid expensive mistakes. And you make... more

      |  May 10, 2018

    Data Prep Stays Independent

    Tableau announced their integrated Data Prep solution last week, joining Microsoft in coupling lightweight... more

      |  May 3, 2018

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    Trifacta for Marketers: Driving Marketing Analytics

    This is the second post in a series about how marketers are leveraging Trifacta, authored by Trifacta’s VP... more

      |  April 30, 2018

    Preparing for the Next Phase of the Trifacta and Tableau Partnership

    When we set out to build a data preparation platform, the problem we were solving was obvious. Given the... more

      |  April 26, 2018

    Making Reuse Easier – Introducing Parameters and Variables

    Trifacta has always strived to make the entire process of wrangling data as simple and accessible as... more

      |  April 26, 2018

    Trifacta Fireside Chats, Recapped: Dr. DJ Patil

    At Trifacta, one of the tenets of our company culture is to always be learning, and we put that into practice... more

      |  April 25, 2018

    Trifacta for Marketers: Accelerating Marketing Data Onboarding

    This is the first post in a series about how marketers are leveraging Trifacta, authored by Trifacta’s VP... more

      |  April 24, 2018

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    Watch Both San Francisco User Group Presentations

    Our second ever Trifacta user group is now a wrap! Rain poured on the evening of the event, which was... more

      |  April 23, 2018

    Celebrating Six Years of Trifacta; Reflecting on the Power of Data

    It’s been six years since Sean Kandel, Jeff Heer and I got together to sign the papers of incorporation for... more

      |  April 19, 2018

    Getting Started Faster in Trifacta – A Design Update

    Jumping into the most recent release of Trifacta, you might notice right away that everything looks a little... more

      |  April 18, 2018