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  • February Legend: Ofir Kimberg of aQurate

    Many of you in the Trifacta community may already be familiar with Ofir Kimberg. If not, you definitely should be. Ofir is one of the most skilled Trifacta users outside of our company. 

    Matt Derda  |  February 25, 2021

    Introducing Trifacta Photon Job Execution on All Editions

    Agile data transformation requires fast iteration: Assess the current state of your data, transform it to move closer to your desired end state, repeat. Accelerating that interactive loop dramatically accelerates the overall time it takes to build data pipelines. Executing transformations is a major factor in the latency of this loop. Transforming data requires computation, […]

    Sean Kandel  |  February 9, 2021

    Sharing the Secret Handbook to Trifacta Customer Success

    As the Chief Customer Officer for Trifacta, I have the great pleasure to work with our many customers that span different industries, regions and sizes. I love being exposed to so many varied businesses and discovering the unique ways in which Trifacta can make an impact on their bottom line.  One of the most common […]

    Paul Staelin  |  January 29, 2021

    Introducing Powered by Trifacta

    As the VP of Alliances at Trifacta, I’m lucky enough to work with our many technology, consulting, and reseller partners that enhance the Trifacta experience and amplify our community of users. And as our network of partners continues to broaden and diversify, we’ve taken great care to ensure that our partner program isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” […]

    Ash Vijayakanthan  |  January 28, 2021

    Trifacta Legend January 2020: Jill & Corey

    This month, we have not one but two Trifacta legends. Corey Leadbeater and Jill Somkul are colleagues at Accurate Testing & Inspection, a utility infrastructure firm in Southern California.

    Matt Derda  |  January 27, 2021

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    The GOAT of Data Prep: Trifacta Named 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Award for Data Preparation Tools

    Big news to share—we’ve been named a Customers’ Choice in the December 2020 Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’: Data Preparation Tools! Much like the G2 Grid or the Dresner Advisory Services report, the Gartner Peer Insights Customer Choice Awards are based upon the reviews of real technology users. We’re honored to continue receiving […]

    Matt Derda  |  January 26, 2021

    The Hub and Spoke Model: How Trifacta Uses Trifacta for Product Analytics

    This blog is a collaboration between Trifacta’s Sr. Product Manager, Cesar Jardim covering the Hub and Director of SaaS Adoption & Enablement, Connor Carreras covering the Spokes. If you are trying to manage data operations in your team, the hub and spoke model may be the right way to go. First introduced as a transportation […]

    Cesar Jardim  |  Connor Carreras  |  January 22, 2021

    Flow Examples: A Little Help to Start Wrangling

    Since its inception, Trifacta has been driven to simplify data preparation or all of the painstaking steps required to clean and prepare data for analytics. And we’re pretty proud of what we’ve come up with: an unparalleled data wrangling experience that leverages machine learning, visualization, and automation to accelerate data preparation for any data-driven initiative. […]

    Cesar Jardim  |  January 20, 2021

    The Different Approaches to “T” in ELT and What’s Required to Drive Mass Adoption

    Much has been written about the shift from ETL to ELT and how ELT enables superior speed and agility for modern analytics. One important move to support this speed and agility is creating a workflow that enables data transformation to be exploratory and iterative. Preparing data for analysis requires an iterative loop of forming and […]

    Sean Kandel  |  January 15, 2021

    3 Data-led Companies, 3 Data Warehouses: Why They All Chose Trifacta for Data Preparation

    It’s safe to say that 2020 showed us that data warehouses have not only found a new home in the cloud but have cemented their position as the foundation of every organization’s data strategy moving forward. By 2022, Gartner predicts the overwhelming majority of all databases (75%) will be deployed or migrated to a cloud […]

    Will Davis  |  January 8, 2021

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    Wrangle Summit Sneak Peek – The First Industry Event Focused on Data Engineering

    Exponential growth, coupled with a whirlwind of change – this is how I would describe the past five years of the data and analytics industry.  At the platform level, it seems like only yesterday Big Data was at its peak and we were watching many of the major platform providers go public. Now, it’s undeniable […]

    Will Davis  |  January 5, 2021

    December Legend: Alex Hardman

    Alex is an avid Trifacta user and is championing Trifacta at Rezco Asset Management which was established in 1981 in South Africa with a deliberate focus on preserving capital and creating wealth.

    Matt Derda  |  December 23, 2020

    Setting Up Data Quality Monitoring For Cloud Dataprep Pipelines

    Build a simple, flexible, yet comprehensive Data Quality monitoring solution for your Google Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta pipelines with Cloud Functions, BigQuery and Data Studio Building a Data Quality Dashboard Building a modern data stack to manage analytic pipelines—such as Google Cloud and a BigQuery data warehouse or data lake—has many benefits. One such benefit […]

    Victor Coustenoble  |  December 21, 2020

    What Is ETL? ETL vs. ELT vs. Data Wrangling in the Cloud

    Is ETL dead? Did ELT take over or is something new taking its place? It’s a question that has come up a lot in recent years as organizations modernize their analytics infrastructure. Huge shifts are underfoot in the analytics landscape and it isn’t always clear where this change leaves ETL. The short answer? No, ETL […]

    Will Davis  |  December 21, 2020

    Monitoring Data Quality Trends with Cloud Dataprep and Data Studio

    Automatic data quality assessment is a Trifacta user favorite. Who wouldn’t want to give their eyes a rest from combing through data while Trifacta automatically points out possible data flaws? The feature is particularly useful when onboarding or integrating unfamiliar data. With unfamiliar data, it’s not only difficult to tell what errors might be lurking […]

    Bertrand Cariou  |  December 17, 2020

    What Is a Data Stack and How Does It Impact Analytics?

    We hear a lot about organizations undergoing “data modernization” in order to become more data-driven. Essentially what that means is that these organizations have recognized that legacy data tools aren’t very good at solving modern data problems. They’re in the process of moving data out of legacy mainframe databases and, at the same time, replacing […]

    Matt Derda  |  December 16, 2020

    Google Sheets: Data Validation Tips & Tricks

    Google Sheets is one of the most widely-used spreadsheet tools. Still, many of its best features go undiscovered. Let’s take a closer look at how to do data validation in Google Sheets, which is commonly used to build drop-down lists.  Why data validation matters Data validation is like the analytic version of copyediting. As much […]

    Bertrand Cariou  |  December 13, 2020

    Orchestrate Your Data Pipelines on Trifacta Using Plans

    Why create a plan? The short answer is to operationalize and automate your data pipelines on Trifacta.

    Matt Derda  |  December 8, 2020