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    Efficient Data Engineering for Data Practitioners by Data Practitioners

    At Trifacta, our mission is to improve the productivity of anyone who works with data. We focus on solving the biggest problems related to data making it better and usable for applications in data science and machine learning. Keeping this in mind, one of our key values is to “start with the user”, which means […]

    Shyam Srinivasan  |  January 8, 2022

    Trifacta Legend December 2021:
    Steve Wilkinghoff, Founder & President of BizDog

    Trifacta Legends recognizes a customer every month who is doing groundbreaking work with data using Trifacta. We’re pleased to announce the Trifacta Legend for December 2021 – Steve Wilkinghoff, Founder & President, BizDog.  Steve Wilkinghoff is a published author and strategic entrepreneur. Steve has been doing data analytics for about 20 years.  His background is […]

    Yeyre Reiter  |  January 7, 2022

    Trifacta Monthly Roundup: December 2021

    It truly was a wonderful time of the year at Trifacta during December 2021. While we still traverse through a fragile situation around the world, we at Trifacta had a year that was reflective and ground-breaking. It was a year where we redefined ourselves while staying true to our founding principles and values. It’s time […]

    Shyam Srinivasan  |  January 6, 2022

    View from the Summit: How Amway is Driving a Global Business with Data Modernization

    Data and numbers have always fascinated me. The icing on the cake is to be working in a data-driven company. Speaking of numbers, we at Trifacta work with customers across different verticals and many of our customers operate at an unprecedented scale.  On that note, when you have hundreds of products, millions of independent sales […]

    Mark Sarbiewski  |  December 20, 2021

    Trifacta at AWS re:Invent 2021
    A Retrospective

    AWS re:Invent marked a return to in-person events in 2021 and for us, it was a great venue to launch new capabilities on Trifacta, the Data Engineering Cloud, meet customers, partners, and make new friends through the week.  At the outset, it was exciting to announce our latest innovation in data transformation with SQL-based ELT […]

    Seshadri Mahalingam  |  December 16, 2021

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    Efficient Data Engineering for the Modern Data Stack

    This is the second post in a series where we discuss data architectures and the continued need for scalable and efficient data engineering. In the first post, we talked about the evolution of data architectures and how data teams are looking for a scalable and modern data solution that can address the needs of today […]

    Naresh Govindaraj  |  
    Shyam Srinivasan  |  December 15, 2021

    View from the Summit: How Aon is Driving a Competitive Edge with Data and Analytics

    Financial Risk Mitigation and Health Insurance are two critical aspects of our daily lives whose importance cannot be overstated. All of us need strong financial stability as well as the right coverage when it comes to anomalies related to our health. Having the right data to provide timely information, insights, and support for these aspects […]

    Mark Sarbiewski  |  December 15, 2021

    Trifacta Monthly Roundup: November 2021

    As they say, the month of November signifies knowledge and wisdom as the year draws towards a close. It’s time to reflect with gratitude towards our customers, partners, and team members. With a sense of appreciation,  we’re here to share the highlights from our own November at Trifacta that included customers and events, new announcements, […]

    Shyam Srinivasan  |  December 9, 2021

    What’s New in Trifacta 8.10 Release

    The Trifacta Release Train is back again with yet another set of capabilities. Our newest 8.10 release delivers SQL-based ELT with Snowflake, SSH Tunneling capabilities, easier user management, new data connectors, and more. Let’s get started. SQL-based ELT with Pushdown on Snowflake, the Data Cloud (Preview) Enabling the data stack to support both ETL and […]

    Shyam Srinivasan  |  December 8, 2021

    View from the Summit: How the United States Department of the Air Force Transitioned to a Data-Driven Organization with Self-Service Analytics

    “Digital Transformation” is frequently used in many industries today, but it is no more just a mere term. It has become a key goal for not only the commercial sector but is also an integral part of the military forces. At Wrangle Summit 2021, we were honored to host Eileen Vidrine, Chief Data Officer of the United […]

    Mark Sarbiewski  |  December 7, 2021

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    Announcing SQL-based ELT with Pushdown Optimization on Snowflake, the Data Cloud

    At Trifacta, we lead the way in data engineering with our vision, product innovation, and execution. One of our goals is data democratization to enable secure access to data quickly and easily. As part of this journey, we enable the modern data stack to support ETL and ELT data architectures with an open and interactive […]

    Prashik Raut  |  
    Shyam Srinivasan  |  December 2, 2021

    Data Mesh Architecture Explained

    By now, most organizations understand that there is a clear difference between data availability and data accessibility. It’s not enough to store large amounts of business-critical data and assume that, because it’s available, the rest of the organization will go looking for it.  Instead, data should be accessible—not buried behind complex architecture or reachable only […]

    Shyam Srinivasan  |  December 1, 2021

    View from the Summit: Current trends in the world of data and a peek into the future

    If you talk to any data practitioner today, topics on top of their mind include the evolution of the data stack and emerging trends in the world of data. We wanted to understand the perspectives of Chief Data Officers (CDOs) on these topics as they think about data architectures in the future. At Wrangle Summit 2021, Jill […]

    Mark Sarbiewski  |  November 30, 2021

    The Need for Scalable, Modern Data Engineering

    There has been a transition of data architectures from traditional ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) to a more modern ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) approach. This shift to profile and transform data using an ELT approach has been fueled by the migration to the cloud as businesses can now benefit from large-scale compute, near-infinite storage, higher return on investment, and lower total cost of ownership using the cloud.

    Naresh Govindaraj  |  November 29, 2021

    What’s New in Trifacta 8.9 Release

    Hello! It’s our pleasure to share the highlights of the latest 8.9 release from Trifacta. New connectors, Custom SQL, Collaboration, and more – we have an exciting lineup of capabilities for you. Full Execution on Google BigQuery with Custom SQL sources Aligning with our vision for data modernization, we deliver efficient transformations with intelligent ELT […]

    Shyam Srinivasan  |  November 23, 2021

    What is Data Fabric?

    What is Data Fabric? As data grows increasingly complex and distributed, new data management techniques have emerged to meet the challenges that come along with it. One such technique is called “data fabric,” which Gartner named as one of its top 10 data and analytics technology trends for 2021.    What is a Data Fabric? […]

    Paul Warburg  |  November 12, 2021

    Data Engineer vs Software Engineer

    Engineers are some of the most sought-after employees on the market. Some have even gone so far to proclaim that there’s a “war for engineering talent,” which has worsened with the pandemic. In June 2021, there were upwards of 365,000 job openings for IT workers, a large percentage of which included engineers.  But not all […]

    Paul Warburg  |  November 11, 2021

    How To Create a Table In Google Sheets

    Have you ever encountered an interesting dataset as you browse the web, and wanted to analyze it further in a spreadsheet? Perhaps you want to include this data into a custom report or use it to drive calculations in your spreadsheet model, but you weren’t sure how to make a table in google sheets? If […]

    Vijay Balasubramaniam  |  November 11, 2021