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New Year, New Wrangler

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What’s the difference between Data Wrangling and ETL?

Born out of necessity, data wrangling has emerged as a solution used to facilitate and expedite the data... more

  |  February 16, 2017

Unpivot Excel Command: Fading Function in Financial Services & Beyond

Pivot and Unpivot Excel Tools Are Powerful and Easy Remember the heady days when you were just learning about... more

  |  February 15, 2017

Data Standardization: Key to Scaling Analytics in a Digital, Social World

To make data useful for collaborative study, modeling, and large-scale analytics, data standardization is a... more

  |  February 14, 2017

Expansion and Innovation in Wrangling: Reflection on 2016

As 2016 comes to a close and we head into the New Year, we’re taking a moment to reflect on some of the... more

  |  December 29, 2016

Leveraging On-Cluster Visualization for Faster Insights

We’ve talked a lot about the data lake ecosystem on our blog to help organizations accelerate adoption and... more

  |  December 7, 2016

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Data Wrangling for Data-Driven Marketing

Marketing departments know the value of data. After all, Marketing has been on the forefront of gleaning... more

  |  December 6, 2016

Garbage In, Garbage Out: Why Data Quality Matters

Reliable data quality is required for strategic decision-making when we are working with organizational data... more

  |  December 2, 2016

Data Wrangling for Insurance

Increasingly, the insurance industry is turning its sights on big data and advanced analytics. Just four... more

  |  November 11, 2016

Tracking Data Lineage in Financial Services

With stringent regulations and heightened security concerns, today’s organizations must keep a close eye on... more

  |  November 4, 2016

JSON Transformation & Why We Need to Transform JSON

A JSON transformation is needed when integrating disparate data together, typically web-based data with... more

  |  November 4, 2016

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Taking Data Wrangling to the Edge

With the official launch of Wrangler Edge, today marks an exciting point in time for our team at Trifacta as... more

  |  November 1, 2016

Data Innovator’s Series: William Foley, Chief Data Officer

Though “big data” has been a buzzword for quite some time, it’s easy to forget that the industry is... more

  |  October 28, 2016

Three Instances When Excel Breaks Down with Big Data

Excel launched in 1985, when companies dealt in megabytes and the concept of regularly crunching terabytes or... more

  |  October 28, 2016

Data Wrangling in Accounting

Long before data-driven decision making became indispensable to every business function, accountants were... more

  |  October 27, 2016

Best Practices for Developing a Master Data Management Strategy

Master data management strategy (MDM) refers to the governing procedures for entering, aggregating,... more

  |  October 18, 2016

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Summer at Trifacta: A look into our 2016 internship program

With back to school season in full swing, we’d like to take a moment to thank our college interns for... more

  |  October 14, 2016

User Behavior Analytics: Best Defense for Internal and External Threats

User behavior analytics (UBA) has grown in tandem with big data over the last decade. As the amount of data... more

  |  October 12, 2016

ETL Tools and Data Wrangling: What’s the Difference?

The extract, transform, and load process (ETL process), and ETL tools, have been the de facto way to move and... more

  |  October 5, 2016