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Wrangling Big, Diverse Data in Government

March 12, 2019

The following is a guest blog post from Nate Ashton, Director of Accelerator Programs at Dcode.

It’s no secret that working with the US Government is complicated. In fact, a lot of high growth tech companies stay away from working with government because of all the barriers that exist around procurement, compliance, and more. It’s often said that the US government is generally ten years behind the private sector in terms of technology, but now more than ever the government can’t afford to be a decade behind. But the reality is, nobody has more data problems to solve than Uncle Sam. From complex auditing and compliance, to health care and benefits administration, there are countless major government programs sitting on massive volumes of untapped data.

At Dcode, we’re laser focused on trying to bridge that gap by running programs to make it a little bit easier for tech companies to work with government and a little easier for government to engage with tech.

For the third year in a row, we’re running a tech accelerator program focused on taking the best technologies from the private sector and bringing them to government. Including Trifacta in that group was a no-brainer for obvious reasons – nobody can tackle complex  data problems without wrangling that data, and there are many ways to do so in government:

Breaking down data silos: More and more agencies have set up data lakes and cloud environments to start bringing their data together, and Trifacta plays a key part in enabling that transition.

Bringing the government into the AI era: Investing in AI is a huge priority for the US government, and good AI starts with good, clean data.

Financial management and audits: Navigating disparate financial systems and business processes is complicated, to say the least, for an organization with an annual budget of $3.8 trillion. Trifacta is working today with one of the largest agencies in government to help them wrangle their financial data.

Science and research: From combating the opioid epidemic to enabling scientific research across the globe, the most important questions require the ability to leverage diverse data at scale.

Enabling data-driven decision-making: Data-driven government is more than just a buzzword. More and more government agencies are appointing Chief Data Officers as they seek to unleash the power of big data on their mission.

Citizen services: Agencies manage some of the biggest, most complex systems in the planet to provide citizen services ranging from government-backed loans to veterans benefits to social security. Unlocking their data has huge potential to improve efficiency and quality of those services.

At Dcode, we’ll be wrapping up our accelerator program this week, and it’s fair to say that Trifacta is is already making a splash in government. During Dcode’s 2019 Advanced Analytics accelerator, dozens of government programs across civilian, defense, and intelligence agencies joined us to sit with the Trifacta team and learn how to take their work to the next level. Several agencies are already using Trifacta’s Wrangler Enterprise to improve their operations, and we can’t wait to see what team Trifacta will do next!

Join Dcode and Trifacta for a happy hour reception in DC on Thursday March 14th: RSVP here.