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Wrangle Summit Sneak Peek – The First Industry Event Focused on Data Engineering

January 5, 2021

Exponential growth, coupled with a whirlwind of change – this is how I would describe the past five years of the data and analytics industry. 

At the platform level, it seems like only yesterday Big Data was at its peak and we were watching many of the major platform providers go public. Now, it’s undeniable that we’re in the cloud era with AWS, Google Cloud & Azure growing into behemoth businesses. At the same time, data warehouses have come back in vogue, as exemplified by Snowflake’s record-setting IPO

At the application level, self-service data visualization went from innovative to table stakes seemingly overnight. Organizations have quickly shifted their focus to investing in data science, machine learning and AI applications to gain advantages over their competition. 

During this time of massive change, what we can broadly categorize as data engineering—the work of moving, structuring, cleaning and pipelining data to feed these different platforms and applications—has also undergone an equally significant transformation in its own right. A recent study from tech job listing site Dice reported that demand for data engineers was up 50% year-over-year in 2020. Whether it be a shift in the people who do this work, the tools/platforms they use, or the processes required for organizations to succeed, there has been a disruptive change at every level. It might not be as sexy as data science but data engineering has quickly become one of the most critical and challenging aspects of analytics for every organization. 

So it’s time data engineering got its own conference

Our team at Trifacta is thrilled to be able to organize a conference dedicated to the work of data engineering and bring together the leading minds and companies that are shaping the future of this discipline. 

With the Wrangle Summit, our goal is to become the de facto data engineering conference. The event won’t exclusively focus on data engineers but rather the diverse set of individuals who do data engineering work in companies (data analysts, scientists, architects, business people, etc.). 

Although Trifacta is putting on the event, Wrangle Summit is not a Trifacta customer conference. The summit is an industry event organized by us (along with several partners soon to be named) to showcase the best and brightest in the data community driving the evolution of modern data engineering. 

We’ll be sharing more about the conference in the coming weeks, in the meantime here’s how you can get involved: submit a proposal to speak at the Wrangle Summit by Friday, January 29th, and register to reserve your spot at the event

We are looking forward to seeing you in April!