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Why Trifacta, Why Now?

July 23, 2014

I’m incredibly honored and excited to join the team at Trifacta. From the moment I met Joe and saw my first demo of the product, I realized Trifacta was not just building tools to transform data, but rather a company that would help transform an industry.

The rise of new data management platforms like Hadoop, requires us to re-think all of the process and tooling necessary to make data professionals successful processing the new data that we can now store more efficiently in these environments. There has to be a better way to translate raw data into the analytics we need to operate our businesses more effectively. Customers need improved ways to understand, integrate, and standardize all their data and make this information accessible to an increasingly broad set of consumers.

Having spent the last 18 years of my career helping enterprises compete on information, I know first hand the challenges that enterprises face in wrangling data. I’ve been directly involved in some of the largest big data projects in the world and have seen how customers struggle to make sense of the data. Rather than focusing on actionable insight, an enterprise’s most expensive, and scarce resources, data professionals, end up spending 80% of their time preparing their data for analysis.

This is exactly the problem that Trifacta has been laser focused on solving — introducing a radically new, incredibly simple, and tremendously productive way to work with big data. This is not a retrofit of legacy technologies to handle the unprecedented volume, variety, and velocity that machine generated data and the internet of things bestow upon us, but rather a ground up re-imaging of how analysts and data scientists prepare data for analysis. By working interactively with statistical samples, inferring structure and relationships, and applying machine learning to automate repetitive tasks, Trifacta can massively improve individual productivity and project agility across an entire enterprise collection of data.  The simple idea is to help you explore your data and prepare it at the same time — cutting down on time consuming iterations, removing handoffs, and eliminating the need to write complex scripts, or create mappings.

Trifacta’s ability to accelerate time-to-value and to de-risk big data projects makes the solution an essential enabler for anyone working with big data. Under Joe’s leadership, the Trifacta team has leveraged its close relationship with the academic research community to deliver innovative, groundbreaking technology to the big data marketplace. Trifacta clearly has incorporated the latest in data management, user experience, and machine learning techniques to radically simplify the way people work with data. This has allowed the company to:

  • Deliver the industry’s first solution for Predictive Interaction™ — a new model for transforming low-level programming tasks into high-level visual interactions that suggest and automate common data manipulation tasks
  • Deeply integrate the Trifacta solution into the core fabric of the standard Hadoop ecosystem
  • Establish core partnerships and deep certifications with Cloudera, Hortonworks, Pivotal and Tableau
  • Create a world class products organization and an an amazingly collaborative company culture
  • Raise $41.3M in total financing from top tier investors to expand investment in innovation and go-to market execution

Market leading, data-driven organizations increasingly recognize the importance of this work and, as a result, Trifacta has seen an explosion of interest in the product since the launch at Strata in Q1 of this year. To respond to this, it’s time to grow, it’s time to invest further in our people and our solution, and it’s time to develop broader relationships with customers as well as partners. Trifacta is off to a great start and we are enthusiastic in our resolve to get this technology in the hands of every data professional. I look forward to working closely with Joe, the Trifacta team, and the broader Trifacta community to make this happen and to play our part in accelerating the big data revolution.