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Welcoming Adam to Trifacta

July 23, 2014

I’m excited to share today’s announcement that Adam Wilson will be joining Trifacta as CEO, while I take on a new role as Chief Strategy Officer. It’s the next step in a journey that Jeff, Sean and I began over two years ago, based on our joint research at Berkeley and Stanford.

The Trifacta mission from the beginning has been clear and broad: to change the way the world works with data. We chose to start a company precisely because this is an ambitious, long-term mission, in an area that is crying out for a new approach. We’re in it for impact — to fundamentally raise the game for data professionals, supercharging the work they do each day to improve the world around us.

Since we founded the company, it has been phenomenal to see how the mission resonates. In meetings with customers across industries ranging from Healthcare to Financial Services to Consumer Packaged Goods, we hear repeatedly about two themes: the ambition to use data for strategic benefit, and the frustration of getting bogged down in data transformation efforts. Transformation is the biggest pain point in the field of data today. The market is demanding a new approach — one that gives data professionals the agility to realize the strategic promise of data analysis. It’s a tremendous opportunity for impact, and we’re proud to be going after it with a uniquely powerful approach.

Over that same period, it has been a delight to build an unparalleled team at Trifacta. Our focus has been and continues to be on world-class excellence in both technology and design. From the beginning, that focus has attracted a singularly gifted group of people, who in turn have developed a vibrant and collaborative culture. Our people are the foundation of our approach to changing the industry.

Given the scope of our mission and the emerging scale of our opportunity, now is the time for us to broaden our foundation from technology and design into a third focus area of experienced business leadership.

Adam Wilson personifies the qualities we looked for in a business leader. He has wide-ranging experience, spanning the gamut from founding a startup to managing products that generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. After his formative experience as an entrepreneur, Adam spent many years at Informatica, where he oversaw the company’s core product division, and also managed innovative new product lines in areas from BI visualization to backend data management. He goes deep in the business of data, with long experience helping customers extract value from data in complex enterprise environments. Finally, Adam is a terrific fit to Trifacta’s culture — a high energy, hard-driving leader who simultaneously maintains the calm confidence needed to stay the course toward a bold future.

I am thrilled to have Adam bring his business and market experience to Trifacta, and I’m looking forward to working side by side with him.  It’s great news for our company, our partners and our customers. In my new role, I will have more time to dig in on strategic issues at the company in both the short and long term — how our products interact with adjacent technologies and partners, how our customers’ needs are evolving as the data ecosystem continues to grow and where the Trifacta mission and technology can make the biggest difference in the art and science of working with data.

We live in exciting times, with an unprecedented growth in our ability to gather, store and analyze data. Trifacta has a critical role to play in enabling individuals and organizations to take advantage of this growth. With Adam as a partner on our journey, I’m confident we will have the breadth of impact we envisioned from the beginning, and raise the game for data professionals and organizations in a transformative way.