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Watch Both San Francisco User Group Presentations

April 23, 2018

Our second ever Trifacta user group is now a wrap! Rain poured on the evening of the event, which was remarkable given how a clear of a day it had been all day before that. This was true at our New York meetup in March as well, where on the evening of the meetup, just as presentations were starting, rain began to fall. Apparently rain is a good omen because at both Data & Drinks meetups the presentations were terrific.

For San Francisco’s event, we were fortunate to have recorded both presentations to share here. As organizer for the event, I had a terrific time putting together the agenda and bringing together two very different topics. One was on using data wrangling to build analytics solutions to develop innovative solutions for cancer screening, oncology, and drug development, and the other was on using data prep to fight poverty in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Alex Rasmussen, the Vice President of Engineering at Freenome, presented on How Freenome Wrangles Patient Data in its Quest for Early Cancer Detection. Freenome’s goal is to use cutting-edge gene sequencing and machine learning technologies to detect early-stage cancer with a simple blood test. In this talk, he explored the data wrangling challenges that Freenome has faced, and how Trifacta Wrangler was instrumental in overcoming those challenges.

Ashley Brown, Manager of Impact and Learning at TippingPoint, spoke on Understanding the Effects of Poverty at TippingPoint. Tipping Point Community works to break the cycle of poverty for individuals and families in the Bay Area. In this presentation, she demonstrated how they used Trifacta to transform large public datasets into a structure that allowed them to evaluate their education portfolio’s performance. Ashley even gave a hands-on demo to show the recipe steps she used for unioning and unpivoting multiple datasets.

If you enjoyed these presentations, please join us for future upcoming Data & Drinks meetups. Visit our user group overview page to find a meetup near you or participate in helping to get a meetup group started in your area.

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