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View from the Summit: How Amway is Driving a Global Business with Data Modernization

December 20, 2021

Data and numbers have always fascinated me. The icing on the cake is to be working in a data-driven company. Speaking of numbers, we at Trifacta work with customers across different verticals and many of our customers operate at an unprecedented scale. 

On that note, when you have hundreds of products, millions of independent sales consultants, and generate billions of dollars in sales, we are talking about some serious scale here. I am referring to Amway, the largest direct-selling company in the world. We are privileged to work with Amway over the years, understand their business, and help them with a modern data solution that scales as their business grows. It was our pleasure to have Kevin Schaefer from Amway join us at the inaugural Wrangle Summit, where he shared the Amway journey and how they moved to a modern data architecture using Trifacta.

The Journey, The Challenge, and The Ambition

As business grew at Amway, it became difficult to be nimble due to the lack of analytics and insights. Teams were challenged with not having the right data at the right time, leading to inefficiencies and lower quality. It was imperative to analyze the data infrastructure and internal data processes to overcome these hurdles. This was critical to serving the needs of Amway’s customers, the sales consultants, and to ensure the continued growth of the business. As a first step, Amway rolled out a comprehensive internal exercise to understand their systems better. The biggest revelation from this exercise was the realization of their siloed data architecture. Data was in separate data stores that led to duplication, barriers to sharing and collaboration, and most importantly poor data quality due to stale data being used for analysis. On a deeper dive, every step of the data lifecycle including data ingestion, curation, modeling, and overall analytics presented challenges. It was time to act and move to a modern data architecture in the cloud to achieve scale, performance, and efficiency.

Scaling with a cloud-based approach

For Amway to achieve the north star goal of higher efficiency, lower costs, and scale with the business, the team landed with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as their cloud provider. GCP provided Amway with the right solution for their needs and outcomes. This not only included better productivity at every stage of the data journey, but also meeting their short-term and long-term requirements of data transparency, collaboration, and scale. As an example, within a short period, Amway was able to deliver thousands of reports and dashboards for various teams through their ecosystem overcoming both business and technical challenges and achieving the desired business outcomes. Kevin shared that at one time, the new solution delivered nearly 4,000 reports within a week, which was massive considering the complexity.

Moving to the cloud brought in the much-needed energy within the data teams who went through the required training to be successful with the new solution. With self-service tools, simplified administration, and a higher level of automation, manual tasks were eliminated, and the data engineering process became seamless. Sharing and collaboration among engineering, data science, and analyst teams added to the overall efficiency within the organization.

A 3-way partnership for better outcomes

As part of the migration, Amway partnered with Trifacta to help them with data transformation and deliver consumable data for downstream applications. This was made possible with Dataprep by Trifacta on Google Cloud. With Dataprep, Amway could connect to many disparate data sources, transform the data, and leverage Google BigQuery as a scalable data warehouse as part of the solution.

A critical aspect of the solution was to achieve data governance. With the new solution, Amway is now able to achieve better data governance with high-quality, certified data that is validated and usable by relevant teams as and when needed.

Grow the business

With this migration and the partnership with Trifacta and Google, Amway is now able to get better insights into their business, help their sales consultants with timely and accurate analytics and data, and grow their business as a global organization.

Now It’s Your Turn

Where are you in your data journey? Have you taken a self-service approach towards better analytics and insights? Please share your thoughts with me at