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Ventana Research Selects Trifacta Customer IQVIA as the 2019 Overall Digital Leadership Award Winner

November 14, 2019

When customers win, Trifacta wins. Today, Ventana Research announced the 10 winners of the 12th Annual Digital Leadership Awards. We are extremely excited that IQVIA was honored as the Overall Digital Leadership Award winner for their work with Trifacta.

The Ventana Research Digital Leadership awards spotlight organizations and those individuals with supporting technology vendors that utilize technology to advance business and IT. These awards recognize individuals and companies that have utilized and championed improvements across their people, processes, information, and technology to grow their business and industry potential. The Overall Digital Leadership Award is the most prestigious award offered. It is given to the company and technology provider who best exemplifies Overall Leadership. IQVIA and their team are incredibly deserving of this award and we’ve enjoyed working with them to gain success with their analytical processes for clinical trial data.

As an industry, healthcare organizations for years have been attempting to improve convenience and outcomes for its patients and data has played an essential part in that shift. Realizing that it’s analysts weren’t effective in their reporting due to the limitations of spreadsheets and current data tools, IQVIA realized it needed to revamp its critical data processes. IQVIA was able to overcome these challenges with their Clean Patient Tracker (CPT) project for clinical trial data. Through the creation of the CPT, they have democratized and streamlined the billions of data sets they have available to become one of the best in the industry to analyze patient data.

Prior to working with Trifacta, manual processes to standardize clinical study data in a format that was compliant with FDA standards would take about 4-6 weeks. Note that on average, IQVIA is doing 50-70 studies at any given point. By implementing new platforms, such as Trifacta, in their analytical architecture, they are now able to generate a report in 15 minutes – cutting this process down to 1-2 days. In total, the overall turnaround time has been reduced by 92 percent for every new clinical studies data our team receives.

Additionally, there has been an increase in prediction accuracy by four times its original rate. This has not only helped the company achieve its mission of finding the right patient for the ideal clinical trial, but has increasingly accelerated the pace of discovery.

Through the integration of Trifacta, IQVIA has given the power to the domain experts who traditionally only use Excel to perform complex data wrangling — eliminating the need for in-house developers. Utilizing the interactive visualizations and machine learning capabilities of the Trifacta platform has helped its non-technical users highlight data quality issues and review patterns and insight in large sets of data that were previously unavailable to IQVIA, which help to provide the intelligence its patients required.

Our entire team at Trifacta would like to congratulate our colleagues at IQVIA and thank them for their partnership. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the best Human Data Science organization in the world and work with them to further innovate their data and analytics processes.