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Trifacta Monthly Roundup: September 2021

October 1, 2021

Hello and welcome to our first edition of the monthly roundup of activities at Trifacta. The beautiful fall season is upon us and what a wonderful month it has been. It has truly been a September to Remember at Trifacta meeting customers at events, winning industry awards, launching new capabilities, and publishing new data engineering content. We’re excited to share these updates with you.

Customers and Events

One of our core values at Trifacta is “Start with the User” and we live by it in everything we do. The foundation of our success has been our customers and we were privileged to meet them at a few events in September.

Big Data London

After a long 18+ months, we were thrilled to meet thousands of our customers in person at the Big Data London conference. We were one of the sponsors at the event with an active presence that included an interactive booth, live demos, a gaming arcade, and giveaways.

One of the biggest highlights was a live session by Dharshini Manoharan, lead data analyst at SPAR, one of our biggest customers as well as a leader in the grocery chain industry. Dharshini talked about how SPAR leverages Trifacta to analyze and transform massive amounts of data across a vast network of retailers, languages, currencies, formats, and product hierarchies.

Modern Data Stack Conference

Trifacta was a Gold sponsor at the Modern Data Stack Conference, where we presented a session on a data-driven approach to marketing efficiency with Zack Pike, CIO at Callahan. The session focused on how Callahan focuses on the modern data stack featuring Dataprep by Trifacta on Google Cloud and Fivetran to turn high volumes of disparate data into automated data pipelines.

The conference announced the winners of the inaugural Modern Data Stack Awards, celebrating the industry’s brightest individuals and data teams. We’re excited to share that Callahan won the Best Modern Data Team Award based on their work with Trifacta and Fivetran. This award recognized outstanding overall team achievement in the world of data engineering, analytics, and visualization.


It has been an “award month” at Trifacta. We were awarded the “Best Data-Driven SaaS Product” at the 2021 SaaS Awards. These awards celebrate innovation and excellence in SaaS in the cloud across multiple categories. The Best Data-Driven SaaS product is the best product that actively demonstrates intelligent use of data and ties together disparate data to achieve positive business outcomes.

There is no higher accomplishment than the recognition from customers and end-users. Based on end-user feedback. Trifacta won a record eight awards in the G2 Fall 2021 reports. We earned the recognition of “Leader”, which represents the highest quadrant in several categories including Data Preparation, Data Quality, ELT Tools, and iPaaS. G2 leverages 1M+ user reviews to compare and select the best based on peer reviews and social data.


We launched our latest 8.7 SaaS release featuring our latest innovations on the Trifacta Data Engineering Cloud. Highlights of the release included integration of Trifacta Flows and Plans with Slack, Enhancements to Pre-Built Templates for use within the platform, Ease of Use with BigQuery, Additional review flags on Trifacta Recipes, and more. Read our release blog post for details.

We introduced the Trifacta Python SDK that helps integrate Trifacta into existing Python environments and data pipelines. You can now invoke functions within your Python environment and download Trifacta recipes as Pandas code. This can be used outside the Trifacta environment and deployed in your data pipelines, helping you orchestrate robust pipelines using the advanced capabilities of Trifacta.

We launched a new Pricing Optimization Reference Pattern for Dataprep, in partnership with Google. This new reference pattern enables you to put together a data-led strategy towards pricing optimization and includes the necessary components and guidelines.  Additionally, you can download a step-by-step guide, sample dashboards, and a white paper as additional assets.

Data Engineering Content

Summer of SQL

We had an interactive, enlightening, and enjoyable chat with one of our co-founders, Joe Hellerstein who is also a Professor at the University of California, Berkeley. Joe highlighted the return of SQL, the importance of modern cloud data engineering with cloud data warehouses, and the emergence of ELT to enable the modern data stack.

We enjoyed our chats with Joe so much that we decided to share them as a series of posts. If you want to know about modern data engineering, ELT, and SQL pipelines, we highly recommend reading these articles as part of the “Summer of SQL” series.

View from the Summit

Our CMO, Mark Sarbiewski continues to share his thoughts on customer stories from the inaugural Wrangle Summit as part of the “View from the Summit” series. In his latest article, Mark shares how Eli Lilly, a global leader in healthcare overhauled complex manual processes to wrangle massive amounts of data that helped them save time, resources, and money enabling faster and more accurate clinical trials.

Earlier this month, Mark shared how the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) relies on Trifacta in its mission to save lives and protect people from health, safety, and security threats. This becomes more relevant in today’s COVID-affected world. Trifacta helps the CDC understand and interpret data from outbreaks and transmission chains. This is achieved by automating tedious, time-consuming, and labor-intensive tasks to ensure the profiled data is clean, accurate, and of high quality.

While on the series, check out the first article that focused on SPAR, a leading food retailer that drives growth with effective data transformation across multiple sources and types.

Customer Case Study

It’s always a pleasure to share customer success stories. We published our latest study with PepsiCo, which elaborates on PepsiCo generating sales analysis reports up to 90% faster using Trifacta. This is an amazing story of a leader in the food and beverage industry leveraging intelligent data engineering techniques from Trifacta to be more productive, stay competitive, and deliver accurate sales analysis.

That’s a wrap on our activities from September. We’ll be back next month with more updates.