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Trifacta Monthly Roundup: October 2021

November 3, 2021

Hello again! We are back with our monthly round-up of activities to share highlights from October at Trifacta. It has been a month of brilliant colors around the world outside and in our own world at Trifacta, involving customers, partners, and eventsnew announcements, being in the news, latest launches, and the Trifacta community. Let’s get started.

Customers, Partners, and Events

As always, we start with our customers and partners who make us better every day.


PDPAOLA, a retailer for women’s jewelry based in Spain was featured on Google Cloud’s Data Journeys. This series hosted by Bruno Aziza, Head of Data Analytics at Google Cloud, captures the data journey of companies around the world. Last month, Bruno spoke to Joel Chaparro, Data Scientist at PDPAOLA on this entrepreneurial company’s staggering growth based on a data mindset. In this special story, Joel talks about transforming data for useful business insights and how he and his team used Google Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta and Google BigQuery to solve their data challenges and grow their business.

Joel’s insights on data teams, how businesses can benefit from the value of usable data, and how technology and business teams can complement each other are nothing short of amazing.


Every month, we host a virtual user group, where we invite a customer to talk about their experience with Trifacta and how Trifacta has helped them overcome their business and technical challenges with quantifiable results and benefits. October 2021 featured Bayer, one of the world’s leading life science companies focusing on solutions in healthcare and agriculture. In an interactive discussion, The Demand Planning team from Bayer talked about how Trifacta has helped them save time, resources, and costs towards improved consumption forecasts and efficient demand planning through automated data pipelines, better reporting, and improved customer experience.

If you would like to share your story in our monthly user groups, please reach out to your Trifacta sales representative.

New customer pages

We constantly feature new customers as part of the customer section on our website. Check out our new stories from Roche (Genentech) in the healthcare space, SearchKings in the digital advertising space, BizDog Group focusing on marketing analytics, and Virtuous helping non-profit organizations ad donors.

Trifacta at Google Cloud Next ‘21

We continue to strengthen our partnership with Google Cloud towards better data transformation for analytics and machine learning. On this note, we’re thrilled to share the success of Google Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta with growing customer adoption and processing over 10 Trillion rows of data just in the last six months.

At the Google Next ‘21 conference, Dataprep by Trifacta was featured in multiple sessions, announcements, and customer stories. Trifacta’s Director of Partner Solutions Architect, Vijay Balasubramaniam shared details on all the new capabilities of Dataprep,  including BigQuery Pushdown in a technical video demonstration. Dataprep was also featured in an end-to-end architecture demonstration by Leigha Jarett, Developer Advocate at Google Cloud to achieve data analytics in a retail environment.

In an exclusive interview at Next ‘21, our CEO – Adam Wilson talked about the partnership with Google Cloud over the years and how Google Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta is being used by over 10,000 companies around the world to solve their data problems. Adam elaborates on Trifacta’s critical role in data preparation resulting in usable data for any downstream analysis that is leveraged by other Google Cloud services including BigQuery, Vertex AI, and Looker.

New Announcements

Trifacta expands global presence

As the demand for data engineering surges, Trifacta continues its expansion in the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region, reinforcing our presence in Singapore and Bengaluru, India. With a cross-functional center focused on innovation with teams across product management, engineering, business development, and customer success, Trifacta strives to serve local customers with a focused local presence.

Trifacta integrates with dbt Core

We’re excited to announce our latest integration with dbt Core to create a unique blend of tools to support data pipeline development and collaboration among data practitioners. This powerful combination helps profile, prepare, and pipeline data, along with identifying and resolving quality issues in data pipelines. You can achieve this with an easy command-line utility that crawls your local dbt Core repositories and generates data profiles from output datasets. Read this technical blog post for all details.

In the News


Our leadership in the industry was emphasized with our continued presence in the insideBIGDATA IMPACT 50 list for Q2 2021. This list includes the industry’s most impactful companies who’re influencing the enterprise through leading-edge products and services in the fields of big data, data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Authority Magazine

Our CEO, Adam Wilson leads by example on our thought leadership in the industry. Through an insightful article in the Authority Magazine, Adam imparts his wisdom and experience with 5 strategies to be a thought leader in the industry, 1/ Question fundamental assumptions; 2/ Point to the data; 3/ Be domain-specific; 4/ Evangelize and evolve your message; and 5/ Bring people together to rally behind the cause.

The Boston Globe

Speaking about data, Adam shares his thoughts on The Boston Globe about the effects of misinformation on social media and says that the network should start by trying to find consistent sources of misinformation so it can sort content between the good and the bad.

Adam signs off by mentioning how Trifacta helps in identifying bad data and provides a solution to separate out the bad from the good to train social media engines.

Data-focused job roles

The world of data is evolving rapidly. Our CMO, Mark Sarbiewski talks about the state of data-related job roles today, how the industry is transitioning amid the “Great Resignation”, and the hierarchy from data engineering to data science. Furthermore, Mark goes into detail about each data-focused job role and emphasizes the role of the Data Engineer.


DIY Data

In an industry-first, we launched a new webcast series called “DIY Data” presented by data practitioners for data practitioners.

This unique series presents a practical perspective on data engineering with hands-on exercises, demos, and interactive conversations. Join us at DIY Data and help deliver useful data for analytics and machine learning for your business.

Trifacta 8.8 Release

Our software juggernaut train delivered the newest 8.8 release, featuring the latest innovations in data engineering. We expanded support for Pushdown Optimization into Google BigQuery with additional functions, transformations, and pushdown capabilities from files to BigQuery. Additionally, you now have better visibility into your pre-and post-SQL scripts, an enhanced user experience across the Trifacta interface, additional security and compliance with runtime processing in your VPC using the in-memory processing engine, and much more. Check out our release blog post to read all the details.

Trifacta Community

The Trifacta Community is active and vibrant with discussions, ideas, and resources. As part of our Fall Challenge, we challenged our community members to help the United States Census Bureau obtain educational attainment data from complex Excel files to help a non-profit organization develop educational programs.

What a fun challenge that was and we received many entries making it interesting to pick a winner! We are pleased to announce the winners: Casey Butcher and Nestor Naranjo. Casey used Trifacta’s unpivot function to easily convert columns to rows, and Nestor developed a solution using both Google Sheets and Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta. You can check out both of their solutions in our Wrangling Challenges group.

That’s a wrap on our activities from October 2021. Onward and upward till we come back next month with yet another monthly update from Trifacta, the Data Engineering Cloud.