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Trifacta Monthly Roundup: November 2021

December 9, 2021

As they say, the month of November signifies knowledge and wisdom as the year draws towards a close. It’s time to reflect with gratitude towards our customers, partners, and team members. With a sense of appreciation,  we’re here to share the highlights from our own November at Trifacta that included customers and events, new announcements, our latest launches, industry endorsements, and new content focused on data engineering.

Customers and Events

Our favorite activity at Trifacta is to talk to our customers, understand their business and technical challenges, and help them overcome those challenges. Let’s talk about some of these customer activities from November 2021.


SearchKings is a digital advertising agency focusing on lead generation campaigns for small and mid-size businesses. As part of sharing the data journeys of companies around the world through the Data Journeys series, Bruno Aziza, Head of Analytics at Google Cloud spoke to Nir Kushnir, VP of Strategy and Partnerships at SearchKings. In this exclusive conversation, Nir elaborated on performance indicators to find reliable trust signals that help customers grow their businesses efficiently, and shared his big do’s and don’ts for data. Additionally, Nir talked about SearchKings’ use of Dataprep by Trifacta on Google Cloud. The icing on the cake was when Nir signed off by saying “we’re big fans of Trifacta.”


As part of our ongoing user group discussions featuring a customer every month to showcase a data solution, we invited CRIO (, whose mission is to bring new medications to market faster by streamlining clinical research to share their story. Margret Steele from CRIO shared how the company transitioned from a manual, time-consuming data transformation process to a fully automated solution using Trifacta. As a result, CRIO is saving over $250K every year by streamlining and automating data aggregation. With Trifacta, they are also able to offer additional services such as data onboarding as a service.

If you would like to share your story in our monthly user groups, please reach out to your Trifacta sales representative.

TDWI Expert Panel on the Modern Data Management Platform

We joined our peers in the industry Snowflake and Matillion in an expert panel on the modern data management platform, hosted by TDWI (Transforming Data With Intelligence). It was an insightful conversation about various aspects of modern trends in data platforms including the unification of concepts such as the data warehouse and the data lake. The panelists described how data management, including data preparation, is different on hybrid data architectures and also discussed data awareness, data governance, and recent concepts such as the data fabric and the data mesh. You can watch the session on-demand here.

New Announcements

Wrangle Summit 2022

We’re excited to announce the 2nd edition of the Wrangle Summit, the industry’s first conference focused on cloud data engineering. Wrangle Summit 2022 will be held between May 10-12, 2022, and is targeted towards anyone who works with data. After a hugely successful inaugural summit earlier this year, the 2022 edition promises exciting innovations in data engineering and brings together experts from the industry to talk about their thoughts, studies, and predictions.

We welcome your ideas if you want to present them at this prestigious event and look forward to seeing you at the conference.

Leader in the 2021 SPARK Matrix for Data Quality Tools

Trifacta is named as a leader among Data Quality tool vendors globally by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions in the 2021 SPART Matrix. This study provides a detailed competitive analysis and ranking of the leading Data Quality platform vendors focusing on capabilities, differentiation, and market position. You can download the complete report here.


The Data Wranglers Podcast

We launched “The Data Wranglers”, a unique podcast offering insights, deep dives, short takes, and more on data engineering. Trifacta’s co-founders, Joe Hellerstein and Jeffrey Heer host this podcast series, bringing their extensive experience to enlighten conversations with special guests on each episode. Their depth of knowledge is sure to take data discussions to new heights.

Since its launch in early November, The Data Wranglers is among the top 25 tech podcasts in the industry today. New episodes are launched every Thursday. You can find and subscribe to The Data Wranglers on all your favorite podcast portals including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and more.

DIY Data Webcast

We launched two additional episodes on the DIY Data Webcast Series, one focusing on specific use cases of marketing and sales analytics, and the other focusing on the different data architectures such as ETL, ELT, Custom Code, and how Trifacta enables all of these architectures with an open and flexible approach. 

You can watch all the episodes on-demand on the DIY Data page and can also register for upcoming episodes.

Trifacta 8.9 Release

As part of the Trifacta 8.9 release, you can now avail of several new capabilities on Trifacta including, 1/ Running custom SQL queries along with your Trifacta recipes on BigQuery; 2/ Adjusting the size of the dataset sample you want to work with; 3/ Deleting interim files and folders that were created as part of your data pipelines; 4/ Making collaboration easier on flows and plans; and 5/ Additional data connectors in the growing list of data sources you can connect to. Check out our 8.9 release blog post to read all the details.

In the News

Best Data Science Tools for Non-Programmers

Trifacta was included in the top 10 best data science tools for non-programmers, by Next Tech. Trifacta was listed as a data scientist’s secret weapon featuring an intelligent data preparation stage powered by Artificial Intelligence. 

Evaluating Predictions from the Industrial Data Revolution

Joe Hellerstein, co-founder of Trifacta and Professor of Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley revisited some of the predictions he and others had made in 2010 on the industrial data evolution. A recent article on Tech Crunch delves into those predictions and how the world of data is continuing to evolve and Joe’s take for the next 10 years.

PepsiCo Data Challenge for Faster Sales Forecasts

Mark Sarbiewski, our Chief Marketing Officer, challenges you to take the PepsiCo Data Challenge if you want to generate faster sales forecasts. In this article, Mark describes how PepsiCo cut down report generation time by a whopping 90% using Trifacta and asks you to do the same.

How to be Truly Data-Driven

Adam Wilson, CEO of Trifacta joined Anthony Deighton on the DataMasters Podcast to talk about data and how to be truly data-driven. Adam shared his career journey and shared valuable nuggets to be a successful data-driven practitioner.

New Data Engineering Content

We launched a new demo video that features the richness of the capabilities of Trifacta. You can view this demo video on the Trifacta product page, the resource center, or the YouTube channel, and sign up for a free trial to explore these capabilities.

We published a series of web pages focused on data architectures and use cases. Specifically, we now have a page focused on ETL/ELT architectures and how Trifacta supports either approach with an open, flexible, and scalable solution. We also published new pages catering to Sales Analytics and Marketing Analytics use cases for marketing and sales teams working on diverse data.

The power of data engineering can get overwhelming with the number of terms and concepts being added almost every day. To help you understand these terms better, we have put together a comprehensive glossary of terms that you can refer to. 

Signing off

That’s it for now. We hope you enjoyed reading about our updates as much as we enjoyed bringing them to you. Onwards and Upwards till next time.