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Trifacta Monthly Roundup: December 2021

January 6, 2022

It truly was a wonderful time of the year at Trifacta during December 2021. While we still traverse through a fragile situation around the world, we at Trifacta had a year that was reflective and ground-breaking. It was a year where we redefined ourselves while staying true to our founding principles and values. It’s time to talk about everything that happened during the last month of 2021 with gratitude towards our customers, partners, and team members. Here are the highlights from December 2021 at Trifacta that included product innovations, Trifacta programs, customer spotlight, and 2022 predictions. 

Product Innovations

Advanced-Data Transformations with Pushdown Optimization on Snowflake

It was exciting to launch advanced SQL-based transformations for Snowflake, the Data Cloud at AWS re:Invent. With this innovation, we enable faster and more efficient data transformation and emphasize our leadership in data engineering. This advanced pushdown optimization enables data transformation steps known as Trifacta recipes into SQL queries that can be run directly on Snowflake without writing any code. For data engineers who like to code, they can complement their technical expertise with advanced and more complex transformations using their code. Since launch, we have had several customers sign up for the preview and we are looking forward to enabling a range of use cases with this latest announcement.

In addition to this launch, we also recorded our experience at AWS re:Invent where we talked about other related announcements from AWS that we believe would be valuable for our customers.

Trifacta 8.10 Release

We continue our innovation journey as part of our monthly software releases with the Trifacta 8.10 release. We enabled additional capabilities for the hybrid cloud architecture with SSH Tunneling support to provide easy access to hosts within on-premise networks on private IP addresses. A new Workspace Admin role is now available on Trifacta to easily manage privileges on flows, connections, and plans on Dataprep on Google Cloud. You can easily track currently active sessions and users as an administrator, giving you better insights into usage. Read the 8.10 release blog post for the details on these product updates.

Trifacta Programs

We launched many programs in 2021 that helped us talk to our customers, discuss their data approaches, and deliver solutions with the data engineering cloud. Two of these programs generated massive interest and excitement with our customers. We wrapped up 2021 with a sense of pride in the season finale of these programs and putting the plans for an even better 2022.

Data Wranglers Podcast

We broadcast 4 episodes in December as part of the Data Wranglers Podcast presenting different aspects of data engineering. Topics ranged from the best use cases of Apache Kafka, data visualization insights with D3, and looking back at 2021 with Joe Hellerstein and Jeffrey Heer, co-founders of Trifacta. You can catch all the podcasts on the Data Wranglers page or your favorite podcatcher.

DIY Data Webcast

We webcast the finale of the opening season of DIY Data, a series focused on hands-on demos and labs. The finale showcased the SQL-based transformation on Snowflake that we had launched earlier in the month. The series in general attracted hundreds of customers who provided positive feedback on the nature of the episodes both in terms of content and duration. This enthusiasm is a catalyst for us to come back with a bigger and better season 2 in 2022. You can play every episode on-demand on the DIY Data page or the Trifacta YouTube channel.

Customer Spotlight

We continue to highlight our customers who have found success with Trifacta for their data challenges. In December, we published customer stories across different industry verticals and use cases. The list of customers included Eli Lilly in healthcare, OFI Asset Management in financial services, Washington State Department of Health in the public sector, and Koffie Labs in the trucking insurance space. We are honored to work with all our customers as we strive to help them with intelligent business outcomes with data.

2022 Predictions

It’s the time of the year where we talk about predictions and our vision in the field of data and analytics. Our CEO, Adam Wilson shared his vision for 2022 along with other leaders in the industry on ZDNet as part of what data management leaders see for the sector in 2022. Adam believes we’ll find a better definition for the democratization of data and especially data engineering. He further shared that low-code and no-code solutions will become widespread along with collaborative data engineering in the cloud.

Joe Hellerstein, CSO, and Co-Founder of Trifacta shared his views on Information Week, where he says focusing on human-AI interfaces and bringing people together across skill sets will be key aspects in 2022. Joe believes three aspects will play an important role in democratizing data and AI namely, 1/ Data Engineering where developer-centric interfaces such as SQL and Python will become increasingly interoperable with low-code tools; 2/ AI Engineering where MLOps will have a big impact in 2022; and 3/ Low-code/No-code where applications will be able to function like “automatic programmer assistants” that use generative AI. 

Joe also shared his views on Data Engineering and Data Quality in an exclusive podcast on Software Engineering Daily.

Onwards and Upwards

2021 has been a significant year for us at Trifacta and we look forward to an even bigger 2022 as we lay down our vision and strategy, and execute on all our plans. We look forward to working with you through 2022 and beyond.