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Trifacta Legend July 2020: John Gardner of Autodesk

July 17, 2020

Trifacta Legends is a monthly award series showcasing users who are doing legendary work with data. Are you doing legendary work in Trifacta? Apply to be a Trifacta Legend HERE.

John Gardner

Sr. Business Intelligence Analyst at Autodesk

John Gardner is an experienced Senior Business Intelligence Analyst with a passion for uncovering actionable insights from complex data sets to drive smarter business decisions. John is a part of the Strategy & Data Insights team at Autodesk and in the video below he will walk you through the challenges they experienced wrangling diverse sources of customer data to build a 360-degree view of their customers to identify cross-sell/upsell opportunities. John and his team established a cloud data platform combining Snowflake, AWS and Trifacta to automate traditionally siloed data preparation activities and reach new levels of efficiency with their analytics initiatives. By retiring legacy systems and Excel, the Strategy & Data Insights team was able to reduced a process that used to take 3 hours down to just 1 hour. Additionally, their reporting system can now be refreshed in minutes.

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