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Trifacta Wrangles its Way to the Top

March 13, 2017

It’s great to see the first-ever Forrester Wave covering data preparation, with Trifacta placed up and to the right in a Leader position.

The big news here is that this initial Forrester Wave recognizes the “data preparation tools market is growing and evolving.”1 Innovative research analysts have been covering the data preparation space for a few years now, starting with the Dresner Advisory Services “Wisdom of Crowds” market study, in which Trifacta just ranked #1 again for the third time in its three years. It’s terrific to see Forrester, with its iconic Wave report – a staple of the enterprise software space, recognizing the importance of a market we’ve been building since our initial research 17 years ago, up through the launch of Trifacta in 2012, and our work with customers worldwide today.

The Wave also separates the true data prep vendors from the pretenders, “despite claims by many,”1 as the report says. This bandwagon is exciting, but it is not easy to jump on board, and the report makes that clear. Data preparation is one of the thorniest problems in data management. The technology footprint is broad, requiring a triple threat (a trifecta, if you will) of UX design, scalable data processing and machine intelligence to help users glide through complexity. Data preparation also stretches the business requirements for data management: real solutions not only empower end users, they enable organizations to manage, secure and govern data in increasingly agile environments. In short, the data preparation market requires more than tech—it requires a broad appreciation of data professionals, spanning from IT to business.

The recognition from Forrester is particularly significant given Trifacta comes from long years of thought and experimentation. Our work on data preparation goes back to the initial Potter’s Wheel tool at Berkeley in 2000, through the popular Data Wrangler prototype launched on a Stanford website in 2011, and many academic results along the way and since. Today, that research has been translated into Trifacta’s product, now delivering value to over 4,500 companies in over 135 countries, including the world’s largest and most recognized brands: PepsiCo, Kaiser Permanente, RBS, NationBuilder, MarketShare, Sanofi , … the list goes on.

On top of the analyst recognition, our greatest pride comes from our customers, and the insights and value they achieve through their use of Trifacta. The use cases are remarkable: increasing bottom lines through supply chain optimization, preventing losses through fraud detection, developing cases to prosecute wildlife poachers, limiting the spread of AIDS in rural communities, improving customer service offerings to wow customers. In these diverse settings and more, Trifacta partners with our customers to unlock the potential of their data, delivering faster time-to-insight—insights that lead to real business value and competitive differentiation.

At Trifacta, we use the term data wrangling, because we understand that our users do so much more than just “prepare” data. They are professionals of all stripes, doing hard and satisfying work with data each and every day. Their data—and their jobs—are continually evolving. Trifacta is committed to evolving as well. Over the coming year we’ll be doing more to knit together groups of our users and spread the intelligence—both human intelligence and machine intelligence—across organizations. We’ll be working to deepen and expand the feedback loops between people and the data and the compute power that they harness. And we’ll continue working to be a force multiplier for our partners’ technologies and platforms, helping put increasing agility and steady governance into the hands of users.

The first Wave is in the books, but the wrangling continues. We’re excited to keep pushing forward.

Give it a try: sign up for Trifacta Wrangler for free and start wrangling.

1Forrester Research, Inc., The Forrester WaveTM: Data Preparation Tools, Q1 2017, by Cinny Little, Gene Leganza, Jun Lee; March 13, 2017