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Trifacta Launches the World’s Largest Data Wrangling Ecosystem

May 24, 2016

At Trifacta, we’re proud to be the number one data wrangling solution in the three categories that matter the most: number of customers (3,000+ companies and 14,000+ users use Trifacta today), by analysts (we’re ranked #1 in data prep by Dresner Advisory Services & Bloor Research), and now by partners (we’ve built the world’s largest data wrangling ecosystem with 50+ partners globally at its launch). More about that later.

By bridging the gap between raw data and analysis, Trifacta empowers non-technical users, such as data analysts and self-service BI users, to understand complex data and get answers to their questions faster than ever before. For our customers, these accelerated insights lead to huge cost savings as well as increased revenue. As the demand for data wrangling (also referred to as data preparation) accelerates, we’ve seen the market respond by recognizing it  as a standalone category with a growing number of analysts producing research on data wrangling trends and best practices. Today, data wrangling is taking center stage as an integral part of an organization’s analytics success.

One of the biggest reasons for Trifacta’s explosive growth has been the deep relationships we’ve built with the major technology vendors in the data and analytics space, as well as leading resellers and systems integrators. Take Infosys, an information technology services provider, which has selected Trifacta as the data wrangling solution of choice for the Infosys Information Platform, in addition to becoming an investor. Our long-standing technology partnerships also include Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR and Tableau, among others.

We’re thrilled to now launch the Wrangler Partner Program which has been designed to rapidly grow this data wrangling ecosystem and further establish Trifacta’s position as a leader in this fast-growing space. The program’s focus is on partnering with resellers and systems integrators who are looking for innovative platforms to wrangle customer data, as well as technology vendors in the data and analytics segment. To meet our team and learn more, please join us at Strata + Hadoop World London between June 1 and 3 where we’ll be speaking about the program. In the meantime, here are some of the key benefits that Trifacta offers to partners looking to grow their big data and analytics businesses:

Accelerate Enterprise Adoption, Grow Your Footprint in Accounts, Engage Beyond IT
For highly technical data platforms  such as Hadoop, end-user adoption can be slow. Trifacta accelerates the usage of these technologies, empowering organizations to accelerate the time-to-value of their big data projects. By using Trifacta in customer projects, partners are able to deliver faster results across more analytics initiatives  and quickly identify new business needs which lead to new engagements. PepsiCo is a customer who leveraged Trifacta to replace a legacy retail sales analysis system built in MS Access and Excel and is now able to deliver  deliver results in Tableau in a fraction of the time. With Trifacta in place, PepsiCo is now able to quickly onboard data from new retailers using Trifacta and deliver more value to the business.

Amplify Data Discovery, Unlock New Use Cases for Customer Data
Partners are also finding that Trifacta can help them to create new value from customer data that has become stagnant or unusable. Our partners are able to use this previously unusable data  to discover new use cases and deliver analytics results faster than ever before. Customers like Sanofi and GoPro have radically altered how they work with data, creating projects to advance research and optimize products, respectively. Trifacta’s unique ability to reduce the obstacles between data storage/processing and visualization/analytics encourages exploration which in turn leads to new business opportunities for our partners.

Deliver More Scalable, Better Performing Analytics
With a scalable solution that heavily automates much of the wrangling process, one of Trifacta’s primary benefits is its ability to greatly reduce the time spent wrangling or preparing data. Trifacta customer, The Royal Bank of Scotland has seen huge efficiency gains, for example reducing data preparation time by as much as 15x. For our partners that offer data wrangling services, this increased time-to-value has created a huge competitive advantage as they can quickly deliver results in one project before identifying new use cases and moving onto the next one.

Offer Data Wrangling Services & Embed Trifacta in Your Analytics Stack
For those partners who offer an end-to-end managed service for analytics, Trifacta is becoming a critical component in that analytics stack. In this highly competitive environment, these partners are benefiting from the significant advantages that Trifacta offers to their analytics initiatives. Examples of this include Lockheed Martin embedding Trifacta within their CAADS offering and Infosys selecting Trifacta for their IIP solution..

What’s Next? Become a Trifacta Partner!
The Wrangler Partner Program offers an extensive set of resources including access to software, sales and technical collateral, videos, training and enablement, sample use case demonstrations of the platform, as well as access to the Partner Marketing Kit. To learn more, read the official press release and click here to sign up to the program!