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What Does a Trifacta Initial Success Deployment Look Like?

February 9, 2022

Trifacta Initial Success

What brings together the success of our customers, teamwork, long-lived partnerships, and values? As you have probably guessed, I am talking about the award-winning Trifacta Data Engineering Cloud.
Today, I am going to focus on some of the important values that we follow every day at Trifacta, “Start with the User”, “Be a Multiplier” and “Iterate to Excellence” and relate them to the services we offer at Trifacta.

I am part of the Professional Services team here at Trifacta, where we work with our customers and help them achieve their business goals by making their data work for them. We multiply our combined efforts through teamwork and partnership with you to deliver superior business outcomes and to, from our values, “Be a Multiplier”. Our goal is for you to achieve your desired results with Trifacta.

This is one of the areas that our Professional Services team specialises in and we do this using our Initial Success Plan framework. 

Trifacta Professional Services

So, how do we do this? Our Professional Services team work with you using a proven methodology tailored to your business environment. We help deploy the data engineering capabilities of Trifacta into your architecture and environment and help deploy your Use Cases in production. Our goal is to achieve this efficiently in the shortest time possible for you to gain maximum value and return on investment (ROI). We do this using our Initial Success Plan Framework.

The Initial Success Plan Framework

Before you spend your money to invest in Trifacta, we work with you as part of your extended team to understand your team, your environment, and your business objectives. This is part of our Initial Success Plan Framework. As part of this phase, our goal is to understand:

  • Your organization, teams, and key stakeholders
  • Your Use Cases and the short term and long term objectives where Trifacta can add value
  • Technical details to plan the deployments
  • Training and enablement requirements to help you become self-sufficient


Once we have this in place, we present you with the best Initial Success Plan by mapping your Use Cases and potential Trifacta users to obtain maximum value for the business. This is typically planned and delivered in sprints to ensure it is quick, iterative, and transparent across teams. Throughout this, in line with our “Start with the User” value that I mentioned earlier, we are focused on your success and what is best for the users.

Once we agree together on the approach and you decide to move forward with your investment in Trifacta, we work with you on the Initial Success Deployment Stages. Let us understand this better.

Initial Success Deployment Stages

During this phase, we work with you and your team across multiple initial deployment sprints to reach the common goal together quickly and easily. Before I expand on the details of these sprints, I would like to take a step back and relate this to the value I mentioned earlier, namely “Iterate to Excellence.” At Trifacta, we believe excellence is achieved through small, rapid improvements in the real world. Iteration allows us to go fast and constantly improve and this has been our path to exploration and success with our customers. Now, back to the sprint model.

The sprints in this phase are broadly two-fold:

  • Sprint 0: Deploy and configure your data architecture with Trifacta. In this phase, we also start training and enabling your teams for them to become self-sufficient.
  • Sprints 1 and beyond: Transfer of knowledge and information from our team of experts to yours on best practices using Trifacta. This is specific to your Use Case and environment to ensure you are completely on board with Trifacta within your architecture.

Customer Success

We are fortunate to have deployed this model successfully with many of our customers, whether they are large enterprises or rising start-ups across various industry verticals globally. I would like to highlight a couple of successful examples. 

Eli Lilly, one of the world’s largest makers of medicines for nearly 150 years migrated large legacy data workflows into a modern data architecture with Trifacta. This resulted in reduced annual costs by nearly $700,000, decreased data processing and cycle times to weeks from months, and improved collaboration across teams with transparency and efficiency. You can read more about Eli Lilly’s partnership with Trifacta here.

SPAR is an international group of independently owned and operated retailers and wholesalers, who work together in partnership under the SPAR brand to provide a superior shopping experience. Working with Trifacta, SPAR was able to standardize data from disparate sources across product categories around the globe. Data ingestion and processing has become more efficient with Trifacta helping their top-line growth increase by up to 5% globally, translating to tens of billions of dollars in value. You can read all about the Trifacta-SPAR partnership here.

Let’s build together

We would love to work with you and your teams to help you achieve your business goals. Please contact your friendly Trifacta sales representative or customer success manager for any details.

I, and my colleagues in Professional Services and across Trifacta, are looking forward to working with you!