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Trifacta Expands Federal Market Presence with Key Partnerships

March 15, 2016

For organizations in various industries, Trifacta plays a key role in unlocking the potential of their data to drive big data initiatives forward. From healthcare to telecommunications to consumer goods, each company has its own challenges and unique goals that Trifacta supports. Now, I’m excited to announce that our customer reach is even more expansive—we’re growing our federal government presence to deliver data wrangling to government agencies!  

We’re excited to help government agencies better understand operations, predict outcomes, eliminate waste, detect fraud, and defend against unauthorized data access. A key driver in this expansion is our partnership with Carahsoft, one of the most successful, fastest-growing technology solution providers in the nation. This partnership will enable more federal entities to wrangle diverse data sources to reach previously difficult insights.

With my prior experience as Informatica’s U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve Account Manager, I have a unique vantage point in understanding Trifacta’s tremendous value to federal agencies. Already, the work that I’ve seen our customers and our team accomplish, directly applies to challenges that many agencies face. Take a wrangling challenge that our Head of Product undertook, for example, where she wrangled publicly available bike share data to better understand inventory and bike rotation. With a few quick transformations, she was able to gain valuable insights to help address congestion and public transit challenges.

Trifacta has also seen traction among huge financial services companies, such as The Royal Bank of Scotland, that come with tight regulations and high security requirements. We’re confident that we’ve earned their trust in wrangling highly-sensitive financial data and know that our resulting federal agency customers will feel the same sense of security. At RBS, their customer service team was receiving a huge outpouring of web chat data that, with Trifacta, they have been able to wrangle 15 times faster. We’re excited for federal agencies to see similar efficiency gains.

Finally, as a part of this expansion, Trifacta will also leverage existing partnerships with Cloudera and Lockheed Martin to deliver joint solutions to its varied public sector use cases. Last year, Fortune covered our work with Lockheed Martin, explaining how the company is wrangling messy government healthcare data to make it readily available to companies and government agencies. At the upcoming Cloudera Federal Forum, where Trifacta is a strategic partner, we’ll talk more about the unique challenges that federal agencies face with big data management. Our session, “Relying on Data for Strategic Decision-Making: Financial Services Experience,” will be presented by Trifacta Solutions Engineer Chris Moore and Cloudera Director of Field Technology Steven Totman. For more information, visit the Cloudera Government Forum website.

For Trifacta, this is another huge step forward to bring data wrangling to the people that know their data best. We’re excited about the momentum we’re seeing, both in the federal space and in the overall market, and we can’t wait to see what our customers accomplish next.

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