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Trifacta Starts with the User

October 1, 2018

The founding of Trifacta originated from a simple, but big idea: Let the people who know the data best do the work of  data preparation themselves. Nearly seven years later and we’ve seen that idea come to life many times over. With Trifacta’s data preparation platform, data professionals are rethinking who does the work of data preparation—not just technical or IT folks, but those with the right business context. They’re preparing data that was once inaccessible to them, either because of its size or complexity, or they’re doing data preparation on the same data set with incredible new speed and clarity. This data is serving as the foundation of a range of analytic initiatives from early cancer detection to optimizing airline schedules to fighting retail fraud, which are being carried out at some of the largest organizations around the world.

As Trifacta has grown, we’ve kept users at the core of everything we build. It’s one of our company values—start with the user. When we ask our users what they love most about our product, its intuitive interface is what we hear back from them time and time again. Trifacta offers a unique approach to data preparation that was founded on decades of academic research and continuous user research. Powered by machine learning, Trifacta offers intelligent suggestions that guide users toward the right transformations. In addition, the visual and interactive interface allows users to immediately spot inconsistencies, outliers, and other data quality issues to address before they impact analysis. This guided, visual experience helps users to quickly feel comfortable performing data preparation with Trifacta. To provide a quick introduction to Trifacta’s user experience and workflow, we’ve created a short video that shows off what data preparation in Trifacta looks like.

Our commitment to users is perhaps most evident in the fact that we provide a free version of our product for anyone to use with no time limitations. By reducing the barrier to data preparation, Wrangler has seen huge adoption among thousands of analysts, some of which are single researchers or students, and others who simply want to experiment with a new approach to data preparation. The product is mutually beneficial—in return, we now have the largest corpus of anonymized data preparation usage data in order to inform our larger product strategy and refine our machine learning-driven suggestions to better target users’ needs on data preparation. To learn more about our free Wrangler product, watch our video below.

Finally, we’re excited to offer our community of Wrangler users an official home at Trifacta Community. The Wrangler community website allows users to learn data preparation best practices, create and track support tickets, and share their own tips. We view data preparation as an evolving and community-driven practice, and we enjoy both learning from and teaching others on the site. For anyone who’s curious about common pitfalls or what’s possible with our product, this is an essential resource. In addition, we also offer training and certification programs that allow you to put your skills to the test and advance as a certified Wrangler, Knight, Sensei, or Guru in data preparation.

The founding of Trifacta started with the user, and its future lies in the user as well. We’re excited as our community of Wranglers continues to grow, as the analytic achievements driven by completing data preparation with Trifacta accelerates, and as our own product evolves and innovates to match our users’ needs. To download Wrangler for yourself, click here: And to learn more about the many Trifacta users, check out our customer page here: