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Trifacta Data Preparation Training & Certification Is Here

May 29, 2018

Accelerate your learning and put your skills to the test with Trifacta’s new training and certification programs. We’re excited to unveil all new training to help people who are preparing data for analysis to take the next step in learning Trifacta. Data preparation skills are in high demand–stand out among your peers by becoming a certified Wrangler!

Our new training course covers the Trifacta basics. Very soon, we will unveil new courses for more advanced training and certification. This first course covers the basics of all that is possible within Trifacta. It will help you learn how to use Trifacta to create robust recipes to transform your data from its raw, messy state to a clean, structured and blended output ready for consumption in downstream tools. It also covers the basics of operationalizing your workflows in Trifacta. The only pre-requisites for the training are a version of Trifacta to work through the exercises on. If you do not have a Trifacta account, you can start with our free version here. While we recommend that you complete Online Training before taking the Certification Exam, if you’re already a Trifacta expert, you can skip ahead to the exam.

The Certification Exam is split into two parts. Part One tests your conceptual knowledge with 15 multiple choice questions. Part Two tests your practical skills by having test-takers complete a use case and answer questions related to the use case. Upon completion of both parts of the exam, you will be granted a badge on your Trifacta community profile and you can share your certification on your LinkedIn profile.


We are really excited to see our community of expert data wranglers grow and hope you join us on this journey! Check out the new training & certification.

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