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Trifacta + Cloudera: Empowering Financial Services Organizations to Drive Innovation with Data

May 3, 2016

There’s no shortage of data in the financial services industry. From hourly transactions and claims to high-frequency trading, organizations are regularly flooded with information that they must cull through and analyze. Not only does this data inform the financial decisions they make for customers, but it’s also often the backbone for their internal security and fraud detection, regulatory reporting, and customer service.

In the following video, Financial Services Lead at Cloudera, Steven Totman, sits down with Trifacta co-founder and CTO, Sean Kandel, to discuss how organizations are wrangling big data to drive further innovation in the financial services industry. Specifically, they cover:

  • Why customer 360º initiatives, or a complete view of customer behavior, is gaining traction in the financial services industry
  • Why financial services data scientists are often misused by focusing exclusively on preparing data (and Trifacta’s co-founder Sean Kandel’s first-hand experience)
  • The unique opportunities that Cloudera’s Distribution of Hadoop affords, as well as Trifacta’s ability to directly involve business users with the data they need


To learn more, see how The Royal Bank of Scotland reduced data preparation by 15x with Trifacta & Cloudera.

Learn more on Trifacta’s partnership with Cloudera.

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