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Trifacta and AWS Team Up to Create Intelligent, Automated Machine Learning

September 30, 2020

A wrench in the plans. Sand in the gears. Gum in the works. These three idioms mean the same thing: friction, the one thing you want to avoid when you’re tackling machine learning.

And yet friction is all too common. To function properly, machine learning algorithms need data to be structured in a specific way. Friction results when complex data files are messy and inconsistent. Because bad data leads to bad predictions, machine learning algorithms also need clean data. Friction results when the data is dirty, invalid, or full of outliers.

Cleaning and preparing data creates friction of its own, eating up to 80 percent of the work in a machine learning project. Traditional code-based approaches to preparing data for machine learning are tedious, time-consuming, and inefficient. It’s hard to validate that the transformed data is structured properly and accurate. This challenge becomes more acute in the cloud because the scale and pace of operations demand more data, faster.

To solve this problem, Trifacta and Amazon have teamed up to introduce Intelligent Automation for AI/ML Data Prep.

A Solution Designed to Ease Friction

Intelligent Automation for AI/ML Data Prep is made possible by using a combination of Trifacta for cleaning and preparing data for AI and machine learning services from Amazon.

Amazon and Trifacta make a great pairing for two important reasons. First, Trifacta is already natively integrated with AWS with support for Amazon S3, EMR, Redshift and a variety of other services. Second, Trifacta is recognized as the global leader in data preparation by industry analysts and users alike as shown through our recent recognition by G2 and Dresner. Users of Amazon ML and AI products now have access to Trifacta’s industry-leading data preparation platform for faster and more accurate data cleaning.

If you’re a user of Amazon ML and AI products, how do you benefit from Intelligent Automation for AI/ML Data Prep?  

  • Work Faster. You spend less time on the janitorial work of cleaning data. Trifacta helps you bring models into production faster and drive value for your business.
  • Work Better. You get peace of mind knowing that the data feeding your machine learning processes is accurate, thanks to Trifacta’s visual feedback and ongoing data quality monitoring.
  • Work Harder. You improve the scale of your machine learning operations with Trifacta’s centralized platform to enable collaboration and improve visibility across stakeholders. 
  • Work Smarter. You inherit your existing AWS security and access control governance policies within Trifacta, avoiding costly data leaks or sensitive data exposure to the wrong users.

“Clean and annotated data is essential to the success of modern machine learning and artificial intelligence,” said
Ankur Mehrotra, General Manager, AWS AI. “However, achieving clean data takes time and, of course resources, creating friction for analytics initiatives. We are excited to have Trifacta as a data preparation partner to help our customers reduce the effort required to clean and prepare their data and spend more time creating intelligence”

AWS is seen as the industry leader in cloud ML/AI analytics. Earlier this year, AWS was named as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud AI Developer Services. At Trifacta, we are very excited to continue to support and engage with Amazon’s market leading AI/ML product line as we push forward innovations in data preparation.

Ready to add this new solution to your instance of AWS? If you’re a Trifacta customer already, please reach out to your account manager. If you’re not yet a customer, what are you waiting for? Try out Trifacta on AWS.