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Trifacta + AWS: Looking Back at a Pivotal 2018

November 28, 2018

As we enter AWS Re:invent season, I’d like to take a chance to reflect back on the progress of the AWS-Trifacta partnership over the past year. We’ve made great strides within the AWS ecosystem on all fronts—product integration, thought leadership and business growth with the addition of marquee customers that are executing a number of analytics use cases through the combination of Trifacta and AWS.

Of course, the big news today is the launch of our serverless data preparation service on AWS. With a serverless architecture, users can dynamically scale computing capacity to match the shifting requirements of different workloads, which, in turn, can increase efficiency and lowers operational costs. It’s another step forward in our commitment to meeting users where they are. Trifacta can wrangle any type of data, wherever it lives, and users need only look at the breadth of our product integration with AWS to see proof of that.

AWS continues to be the largest cloud provider in the growing infrastructure as a service (IaaS) public cloud services market, seeing 25 percent year-over-year growth from 2016 to 2017, according to Gartner. Our own customer portfolio parallels this trajectory, with over 4X growth in the number of customers deploying Trifacta on AWS in the last year, such as Deutsche Börse and Munich Re. An increasing number of our engagements are moving to AWS and to the cloud in a variety of ways including running full Hadoop distributions, such as Cloudera Enterprise and Hortonworks Data Platform on AWS, or utilizing AWS’ first party services such as S3, EC2 and Elastic MapReduce (EMR).

Speaking of the technology, the past year has seen a number of Trifacta platforms optimized for the cloud and AWS. In addition to the aforementioned Trifacta serverless data preparation service  running on AWS, we also have Wrangler Pro, our multi-tenant SaaS edition which allows teams and departments to wrangle data at scale with no software or hardware to manage. Lastly, we have Wrangler Enterprise, which is optimized to leverage S3, Redshift, EMR and EC2 to provide enterprises the power of Trifacta with the scalability and elasticity of AWS.

Over the past year, the technologies have been utilized by organizations ranging from the largest financial services firms and government entities, down to start-ups and non-profit organizations. Below are a few notable use cases:

  • Consensus Corporation leverages Trifacta to decrease the time it takes to feed new data and update their fraud detection models for their retail customers. Their fraud detection models help save retailers from selling merchandise to illegitimate customers, saving them massive amounts of lost revenue every year.
  • Deutsche Borse leverages Trifacta running on Cloudera on AWS to drastically decrease the time it takes for their data science team to work with new data sources. The data science team is then able to focus on driving improvements to their data marketplace for their customers
  • Tipping Point Community leverages Trifacta to prepare a variety of publicly available datasets, which ultimately helps them analyze how to break the cycle of poverty for individuals and families in the San Francisco Bay Area. With Trifacta, the Tipping Point Community can quickly join together these data sets and import them directly into Tableau, greatly reducing their time spent on data preparation since using Excel.

On top of the technology advancements and new customers, Trifacta has also achieved AWS’s ML Competency and Data & Analytics Competency status within the AWS Partner Network. This is official recognition of Trifacta’s ability to both accelerate machine learning and data analytics projects through faster, more intuitive data preparation. At AWS Re:invent, we spoke further on this during our workshop: “Democratize Data Preparation for Analytics & Machine Learning,” which highlights the collaboration between Amazon SageMaker and Trifacta.

The past year of the Trifacta & AWS partnership has generated a ton of momentum. The foundation is set and the partnership is poised for rapid growth moving forward! To learn more about Trifacta on AWS, please visit our partner page or our listing on the AWS Marketplace. To try out Trifacta for yourself today, sign up for our free Wrangler edition here.