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The Top 3 Big Reveals at Wrangle Summit 2021

April 1, 2021

The countdown has begun! We’re at T minus six days to the start of Wrangle Summit 2021, the first-ever conference to focus exclusively on data engineering, on April 7‒9, 2021. 

The 3-day agenda is packed with incredible ideas, innovations, and opportunities. The lineup of speakers is unprecedented, including some of the best and brightest minds in data engineering from companies like Google Cloud, Snowflake, Databricks, Fishtown Analytics and organizations like Stanford University and the CDC. 

You don’t want to miss out. (Seriously, go register now while there’s still time.) 

Since I’m already counting down the days, I thought I’d also count down the top three big reveals we’ll make at the event. 

(These are just a quick preview of three of the big announcements. Register now so you have a front-row seat to the details and the whole show.)

Big Reveal #3: New Pricing Options

New, usage-based pricing with pay-as-you-go and credit card options are now available for organizations looking to start or scale their critical data engineering work in data quality, transformation, and pipelines. 

We recognize that every organization is at a different stage in its analytics journey. Some organizations have a data engineering team well-accustomed to managing modern data pipelines and ELT processes; others have no data engineering team at all. Since our product already accommodates a range of user types and data projects, it’s time for our pricing to offer equal flexibility. 

Join us at Wrangle Summit to hear about our new pricing options and three editions—Starter, Professional, and Enterprise—that bring Trifacta’s market-leading data engineering capabilities to teams of any size with no limits on the number of data projects. 

Big Reveal #2: New Product Features

Looking for ways to push your data engineering tasks to go faster? You’ll find them at Wrangle Summit. You’ll hear about new product features like pushdown optimization, which we designed to harness the power of your cloud data warehouse to do all of your self-service data cleansing and transformation through SQL-based ELT. 

You’ll also hear about Trifacta’s new integrations with a popular open-source, SQL-based development environment that creates a unique blend of low-code and code-based ways to support data pipeline development and collaboration among data analytics engineers, data analysts, data scientists, and business analysts.

Big Reveal #1: New Collaboration Opportunities

And speaking of collaboration…

(Okay, this one is a bit of tease. I can’t reveal it just yet, but trust me: it’s huge.) 

Over the last year, Trifacta has seen tremendous growth of its global user base. You’ve been asking us for a way to connect with one another to share knowledge. 

We heard you. We have a big announcement coming that demonstrates our commitment to self-service when it comes to accelerating data preparation and democratizing ETL for cloud data warehousing projects. 

You’ll get all the details about these announcements at Wrangle Summit—and much more. Please don’t miss out on this event. It’s where you’ll find the best people, ideas, and technology in data engineering, all in one place. 

We have a fantastic agenda planned. Now all we need is you.