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Taking Data Wrangling to the Edge

November 1, 2016

With the official launch of Wrangler Pro (formerly Wrangler Edge), today marks an exciting point in time for our team at Trifacta as well as our partners, customers and user community. Adding Wrangler Pro to the company’s product portfolio is significant because it marks the first time in the company’s history that we will be offering a commercial edition of Trifacta specifically designed for analyst teams and departments working with data outside of big data platforms such as Hadoop. As our customers’ data management practices expand to handle more complex use cases and larger data volumes, the addition of Wrangler Pro allows for seamless scaling between Trifacta editions that interoperate:

Since our initial product release, the big data ecosystem has been Trifacta’s beachhead. Given the diversity and scale of wrangling challenges in platforms such as Hadoop, it was an obvious starting point and will continue to be a focus area of our development and go-to-market efforts around Wrangler Enterprise. With industry-leading organizations such as Kaiser Permanente, PepsiCo and Royal Bank of Scotland, utilizing Wrangler Enterprise as the core data wrangling platform for their big data initiatives, we are very excited about the exploding need for self-service data preparation in the Hadoop ecosystem. Additionally, our ongoing collaboration and joint development with leading big data platform vendors Cloudera and Hortonworks has driven phenomenal value for joint customers, and continues to ramp as we work with each organization to help customers unlock the potential of their big data initiatives.

Although big data has been the company’s initial focus, the founding vision that Joe, Jeff & Sean had for Trifacta was not exclusively focused on wrangling big data. When the company was originally created out of 15 years of joint research between Stanford and UC Berkeley, the focus was on helping anyone who works with data have a more productive and enjoyable experience making data useful for analysis. People face wrangling challenges everywhere, whether that’s dealing with diverse excel files on your desktop, various relational and cloud data sources amongst teams or massive volume and variety within Hadoop. At Trifacta, our goal is to make wrangling data a more intuitive, efficient and enjoyable process, regardless of the data’s size, shape or location.

As you might recall, our first step in broadening the scope of Trifacta was the launch of Wrangler late last year. In offering a free desktop version of Trifacta, our goal was to allow anyone who needed a more effective method of exploring and preparing diverse data on their desktop to get started with Wrangler immediately. We believed  it would be well-received in the market and provide a vehicle to get immediate feedback on the product, as well as build a community of users around Trifacta. However, the success of Wrangler exceeded our own optimism. Since launching Wrangler just over a year ago, we’ve seen tremendous adoption, with over 4,000 companies in 132 countries utilizing Wrangler for prepping and joining together diverse files located on their desktop.

The success of Wrangler also brought a tremendous amount of inbound demand from companies that wanted to utilize Wrangler in departmental settings. What we found is that these analyst teams had use cases that required Wrangler to work with larger, more diverse enterprise sources and required advanced features, such as the ability to schedule wrangling workflows, share/collaborate with colleagues and publish to diverse downstream systems. We also discovered that often, these analyst teams were not connected to their organization’s Hadoop environment and their use cases didn’t necessarily require the scale of a Hadoop platform.

Long story short, this pattern of need led to the development of Wrangler Pro, the product we’re so proud to announce today. With Pro, we’re excited to be able to offer a solution that includes all of the core benefits of Trifacta’s award-winning data wrangling experience, in a product that is specifically tailored to the needs of analyst teams and departments.

To learn more about Wrangler Pro, I invite you to join an upcoming webinar we are hosting with IDC Research analyst Stewart Bond during which we will be discussing Stewart’s latest research on the self-service data preparation space as well as sharing in detail the features and functionality of Wrangler Pro.

Our team will also be at Tableau Conference next week in Austin demoing Wrangler Pro at our booth # 507. We hope to see you there!

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