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Summer at Trifacta: A look into our 2016 internship program

October 14, 2016

With back to school season in full swing, we’d like to take a moment to thank our college interns for their phenomenal work. This summer, we were fortunate enough to bring on several interns supporting our engineering and marketing departments, most in our San Francisco headquarters and one in Berlin! Our intern class of 2016 comprised of 7 students from UC Berkeley, University of Southern California, University of San Francisco, Jacobs University and New York University, with majors varying from Computer Science to English.

As they head back to school, here is a peek into what these bright young people who filled up our office for the past few months have been up to:



Shulin Chen (UC Berkeley, Computer Science): Being on the QA team, most of the time I spent writing tests to ensure our product works as expected. The tests include page-tests and end-to-end tests by using some javascript

Danut Rusu (Jacobs University, Computer Science)During my first week at Trifacta I worked on some performance issues with a Senior Software Engineer. This helped me understand the code and how everything works. It was both thought-provoking and interesting, because not only I learned new things about testing, while writing code, but also I had to do some analysis on the results and draw conclusions from it.

Joeson Chiang (UC Berkeley, Computer Science): One of my projects was working on building java database connectivity (JDBC) for Teradata on our data wrangler. Along with PostgreSQL, Oracle, and Microsoft Sql Server, we are incorporating Teradata for our users so they can create datasets using this database as well.

Anish Doshi (UC Berkeley, Computer Science)I’m worked on implementing a set of operations on data that can be run on any sort of parallel execution engine (e.g. Apache Pig, Spark, etc.). This makes migrating between engines much easier, because it would only involve writing a small amount of engine-specific code. I created these data operations based on what Trifacta Wrangler supports on its datasets. The project is built with Java and Scala, and involves a lot of design discussions, optimization, and testing.

Elianna Virga (USF, International Business & Economics): Over the summer I worked on reporting and Salesforce data analytics of Trifacta Wrangler.

Ritesh Kasat (USC, Data Informatics)I was a QA engineering intern at Trifacta this summer. My job was to ensure Trifacta ships its product with minimum bugs and greater confidence. I wrote Automation scripts in Sahi to test end-to-end coverage of Trifacta Wrangler. I have been involved in upgrade-testing that ensures customers are upgraded to latest version of Trifacta seamlessly. I also wrote page-test cases in Javascript to ensure all the features of Wrangler are working as expected.

Ishani Synghal (NYU, English): This summer I had a short internship with Trifacta where I assisted with events under our Global Events & Field Marketing Manager, Tonya.


DanutOne of the things that surprised me the most about Trifacta is that they treat me like an actual employee, not just an intern. I can attend meetings, I can present my ideas and discuss whether they are good or bad and when it comes to a product issue, we all sit together and try to come up with a solution of how to address it. This means that I am actually part of the team, which is the most important. One other thing that surprised me about Trifacta, is that they are friends, not just coworkers. I must mention the ‘Happy hour’, which usually happens on Fridays, when we all go outside and enjoy some time spent together, other than work, while having a good laugh and drink.

JoesonThe people surprised me. Trifacta has such an innovative product, so its employees are naturally brilliant and intuitive. They are also very friendly and enthusiastic about their work. You can always ask for help whenever you need it, and you never feel alone on any project. They really care about you, and Trifacta makes sure that you feel content about your work and will aid you in any way possible.

Shulin: My professor Joseph M. Hellerstein sits right next to me. This is definitely an
unforgettable experience! + Unlimited supply of cashews, love it.

AnishThe fact that being an intern here pretty much ends at the application level – once you’re in the office, you’ll have essentially all the expectations and responsibilities of a regular software engineer.


Ritesh: I enjoyed being able to learn Trifacta Wrangler ecosystem in depth i.e the features and capabilities of the product. I was highly interested to learn and get familiar with all the latest technologies that Trifacta has been using in its product. Also, collaborating across teams allowed me to contribute to the feature development and enhancement in Trifacta. 

Elianna: I’m continuing my internship through the school year, so I’ll be enjoying learning more about the concepts and uses involving Big Data. The depth of the analytics, and data platforming community within the technology industry is amazing to me. Even after being at Trifacta for almost a year, I am constantly being introduced to new possibilities involving Big Data. I always come to work looking forward to new learning opportunities within this growing industry.


DanutBe motivated and eager to learn in a positive work environment. Submit the application, pass the interviews and enjoy a great time at Trifacta, while gaining experience and contributing at the same time. 

JoesonTake in account your interests and the areas of technology that most excites you. You’ll want work on projects that you love. But it’s also important to be open-minded because there are technologies that you haven’t gotten an opportunity to explore yet but may interest you.

EliannaLook at all of the options you have, and try all of them. Any opportunity to learn is incredibly valuable. Internships allow you to have an advanced view of your potential strengths and weaknesses within your field of study. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about yourself, and the industry that you are truly passionate about!

RiteshBe open-minded and willing to work really hard. Try to join a place where you get to work with smarter people around you. If you are looking for engineering internships, make sure that you practice coding regularly and keep your computer science fundamentals very strong.

IshaniI would advise to really stay open minded about where you apply and apply to a generous amount of places because you really don’t know what is out there!

And on a final note to our interns – thank you for your spirit and your hard work. From all of us here at Trifacta, good luck on your school year (also, we miss you!).