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Self-Service Data Preparation Takes Center Stage at the Gartner BI Summit

March 8, 2016

Next week, Data & Analytics professionals will be gathering in Grapevine, Texas for the 2016 Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit. In addition to Silicon Valley Legend, Guy Kawasaki, the event will feature Gartner Research VP, Rita Sallam, who will be keynoting the event with Gartner Fellow, Frank Buytendijk. They’ll discuss how the pervasive nature of analytics in today’s modern organization has unleashed an unprecedented level of user empowerment. While this shift enables users to learn about their business and better understand how to improve it, it can potentially create a lack of consensus and consistency about how to define data, calculate performance measures, and run self-service data prep in your organization.

Here at Trifacta, we’re enabling today’s modern organization to use self-service data preparation to drive innovation by providing a more productive and accessible method of exploring and experimenting with data of all shapes and sizes. Addressing the very scenario Rita and Frank will be presenting on, the Trifacta solution has been designed to bridge user empowerment and enterprise data governance. As Trifacta co-founder Joe Hellerstein describes it, “We empower end-users to discover, experiment and collaborate with their data in a serious enterprise environment by addressing requirements including security, metadata management and operationalization—all of which are key to IT operations and infrastructure.”

Self-Service Data Preparation

As a start-up looking to change the way the world works with data, we’re excited to see self-service data prep taking center stage at Gartner’s Business Intelligence & Analytics conference. We view our market category as a disruptive force in the way leading organizations are empowering their teams to work more productively with data and delivering new insights and value from their data assets. It’s tremendous to see Rita Sallam presenting “The Next Big Market Disruption: Self-Service Data Preparation” at the event. In this session, she’ll be discussing how the emergence of applications like Trifacta address the challenges of the onset of data preparation and management bottlenecks, as organizations try to deploy self-service data prep broadly across the enterprise.

Will Davis, Trifacta’s Director of Product Marketing will also be presenting at the event. His session, “New Data & More Efficient Analysis with Self-service Data Preparation” explores how Trifacta’s data wrangling solutions can be leveraged to improve the efficiency of existing analytics processes and successfully execute new analytics initiatives. He’ll also explore examples from Trifacta customers including PepsiCo and Royal Bank of Scotland, describing how they’re utilizing Trifacta to realize dramatic efficiency gains in their analytics processes, as well as how they’re implementing new, cutting edge analytics initiatives with self-service data prep.

If you are attending the Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit, please stop by the Trifacta booth # 521 in the Gartner Solutions Showcase to meet with our Big Data & Data Wrangling experts to learn why Trifacta has been ranked the top self-service data preparation solution two years in a row, and to learn why leading companies across industries have chosen Trifacta to explore and prepare diverse data for analysis. And be sure to attend Will’s session on Tuesday, March 15, 2016 at 1:15 PM Central time in Solution Showcase Theater 1.

We hope to see you in Grapevine. And if you aren’t able to make it, sign up for Trifacta Wrangler today to experience first-hand, the self-service data preparation technology taking center stage at the Gartner Summit.