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Reaching New Heights in Data Wrangling

March 16, 2017

Over the past couple weeks, Trifacta has been at the center of some pretty big news. First, we were announced as the #1 vendor in Dresner’s End User Data Preparation Market Study, a comprehensive evaluation driven by Dresner’s findings and user feedback, for the third year in a row. Then came the launch of Google Cloud Dataprep, the latest offering on Google Cloud Platform and built in collaboration with Trifacta, which InfoWorld called “the most significant” of Google’s unveilings and VentureBeat more specifically explained as “an embedded version of startup Trifacta’s Wrangler Enterprise app.” Finally, topping off these announcements was the release of Forrester’s first-ever Wave on data preparation, where Trifacta scored the highest across the board. It’s been an exciting few weeks, to say the least.

Naturally, when people ask us, “Why Trifacta?”, we respond with data. We have the most users , with usage in over 135 countries that amounts to tens of thousands users across more than 4,500 companies. We’re the leader in analysts and media coverage, with recognition as the leading solution from preeminent analyst firms. And we’re the leader in partners, with over 80 world-class technology partners, consultants and resellers.

Our latest announcements only further solidify Trifacta’s record performance amongst users (as seen from Dresner’s survey participants), analysts (Forrester; Dresner Advisory Services) and partners/resellers (Google Cloud Dataprep). The groundwork that we invested in building Trifacta, which dates back to years of academic research at Berkeley and Stanford, has brought us to a product that is now being used at some of the biggest companies around the world. We’ve reached a significant point in our growth as a company, and in the success that we’re seeing among our customers.

Today, we’re confident that Trifacta is the undisputed leader in data wrangling.

Below, we’re excited to share the highlights from our three recent milestones—a trifecta of Trifacta announcements, if you will. And for a closer look at our award-winning approach to data wrangling, sign up for our free product, Trifacta Wrangler.

Dresner’s End User Data Preparation Market Study

  • Trifacta was ranked #1, for the third consecutive year, out of 28 vendors based upon our support for usability, integration, output, data manipulation, and deployment.
  • The most important data prep deployment features are scheduling/reviewing transformations and the ability to iteratively sample data, which has long been integral to Trifacta’s approach.
  • Across three years of data collection, respondents report overall improvement to their data preparation approach, Dresner reports, which indicates overall maturation of the market.

To read more about Dresner’s findings, download the full report.

Google Cloud Platform

  • Google Cloud Dataprep embeds Trifacta’s intelligent, user-friendly interface and Photon Compute Framework, and natively integrates with Google Cloud Dataflow for fast, scalable data processing.
  • Cloud Dataprep enables any Google Cloud user (with the appropriate permissions) to access, explore and prepare diverse data in services such as Cloud Storage and BigQuery for a variety of downstream uses including analytics.
  • In working to create Google Cloud Dataprep, Google’s guidance has significantly accelerated our own cloud roadmap, and we’re excited to continue serving companies investing in cloud-based solutions.

For more details on Google Cloud Dataprep, visit Google’s dedicated homepage

Forrester Wave for Data Preparation Tools

  • Trifacta was named a Leader in the first ever Wave for data preparation, receiving the top ranking in the Strategy category, which is comprised of Product, Partner and Market Strategy criteria.
  • Trifacta received the highest possible score for the Discover and Blend criteria (which includes Data Discovery and Machine Learning Capabilities subcriteria), the Standardize and Enrich criteria, the Transform criteria (which includes Cleansing, Transformation Assistance, and Transformation Execution subcriteria), the Security and Governance subcriteria, the Sharing criteria, and the Deployment criteria.
  • According to Forrester, “Trifacta delivers a strong balance for self-service by analysts and business users” and “has the most sophisticated approaches of evaluated vendors for sampling and automatic transformation processing options.”

Stay tuned for more exciting news from us, and give wrangling a try yourself with our sign up for Trifacta Wrangler. Happy wrangling!