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Easily Publish to Data Warehouses with New Rename Functions in Trifacta

November 24, 2020

Chances are you’re having to work with several different databases and data warehouses in your analytics stack. It just is what it is today. In order to get an accurate picture in your reporting you have to use everything. However, working with these different database can be like, well this:

When publishing tables in different data warehouses you might have to make sure that columns being written to Snowflake are all uppercase or in BigQuery you might need to limit your column names to 128 characters, etc. Depending on your organization and architecture, there could be a vast amount of scenarios you could have to account for. 

In our latest version of Trifacta we have introduced enhancements to our RENAME function to help make this process more efficient.

What is it?

We’ve added a few new options to the RENAME transform task:

  • Convert to lowercase, UPPERCASE
  • Keep from beginning (left), and Keep from end (right) 

Why is this feature important?

When users are publishing to certain databases there might be requirements such as all of the text in the headers has to be UPPERCASE or less than a certain maximum allowable character length.


Table A is publishing to a Snowflake data warehouse which requires all column names to be converted to UPPERCASE:

First, add a new step and search for Rename columns

Rename ALL columns to UPPERCASE by choosing the ‘Convert to UPPERCASE’ option and use the drop down menu on the Columns option and select ALL. This will convert all column headers to uppercase.

PRO TIP: You can use the ALL option in many other transformations as well!

Table B is publishing to a BigQuery data warehouse which is required by the database administrator that all column names follow the convention to be under 30 characters.

Follow the same step as the previous example and use the Rename column function.

Choose ‘Keep from Beginning (LEFT)’ and specify the number of characters to keep in the column name from the beginning and truncate the rest. This is useful for publishing DBs that may have a column name maximum length requirement.

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