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Partnering with Mazars to Bring Data Preparation Into Financial Departments Across France

January 16, 2020

Today, we are excited to announce our partnership with Mazars to enhance data quality initiatives with advanced data preparation as part of the digital transformation of financial departments. Data management is one of the core challenges that finance departments face on a daily basis, due to the volume and heterogeneity of data. The basic prerequisite for financial institutions is to have clean data for the preparation of regulatory compliance reports, financial statements and operational analysis.

Trifacta provides a solution that allows data to be prepared faster and more intuitively than traditional approaches using excel or hand-code. Mazars will begin enabling financial departments at large enterprise organisations to access reliable financial information at all times, by setting up a single dialogue between their various tools, as well as monitoring quality control systems for their repositories. This partnership brings together two leading organizations to enhance data quality initiatives as part of the digital transformation of financial departments, specializing in auditing, consulting, accounting, tax and legal services. 

“We have seen tremendous growth at Trifacta this year as well as continued industry recognition. I am excited to be partnering with Mazars to improve our presence across the French market,” said Paul Roberts, VP of EMEA Sales, Trifacta. “With financial services organizations overhauling existing practices such as regulatory reporting and risk analytics to take advantage of the massive benefits provided by cloud computing and machine learning, we see a massive need for modern data preparation and we are delighted to have Mazars help us expand within the financial industry in France.”

“We are particularly proud of this new partnership between Mazars and Trifacta. It demonstrates Mazars’ ability to integrate innovative solutions into its missions and methodologies in order to remain attentive to the new needs of our clients,” stated Eric Fonta, Partner at Mazars.

Mazars is an international, integrated and independent organization specializing in auditing, consulting, accounting, tax and legal services. Present in 89 countries and territories around the world, Mazars brings together the expertise of 40,000 professionals – 24,000 professionals from Mazars’ unique integrated partnership, and 16,000 professionals in the United States and Canada through the Mazars North America Alliance – who support major international groups, ETI, SMEs, startups and public bodies at every stage of their development.

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