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Key Takeaways from Ovum’s Data Preparation Decision Matrix Report

August 9, 2018

Earlier this summer, Ovum analyst Paige Bartley published the research firm’s inaugural decision matrix report on data preparation solutions. Ovum Research is the latest in a series of analyst firms that have to started covering the data prep market, recognizing it as a distinct and fast-growing segment within the data management/analytics industry. This trend was started by Dresner Advisory Services back in 2015 and since, we’ve seen reports from Gartner, Forrester, Bloor Research and now Ovum with the latest analysis of the industry. It’s incredibly rewarding for our team to see the growing interest in data preparation amongst industry analysts and, even further, that Trifacta has been recognized as the top vendor in every independent analyst report to date.  

In her report, Bartley points out that the self-service analytics era of today demands faster and broader access to prepared data to feed downstream analytics processes. This growing need for clean data across businesses combined with the fact that traditional ETL tools were never meant to to support the modern volume of analytics end users, has brought about a new set of data preparation solutions. Bartley’s research focuses on how these platforms not only enable business users to prep data without complete reliance on IT but also provide governance over the data and preparation work of their users.

Here are a few key trends Bartley touched on in the report that I thought were worth highlighting:

  • Best-of-Breed vs. Embedded Data Preparation
    Data preparation is increasingly being embedded as a feature of analytics and data management solutions, however stand-alone data preparation platforms provide broader functionality to support multiple downstream uses for the prepared data.
  • Machine Learning Guidance as a Differentiator
    In the report, Bartley states that many data prep vendors match closely on core data blending and preparation capabilities, but one of the features that differentiates the top-ranked vendors is the range of machine learning-guided functionality available in the platform.
  • Cloud & Multi-Cloud Support is Critical
    As a growing number of organizations aggressively adopt cloud infrastructure for their computing workloads, data prep vendors must be able to support deployment on multiple cloud platforms, as well as connectivity to cloud data sources and applications.
  • Key Areas of Functionality for Data Preparation Solutions
    Ovum identified 7 different core areas of functionality of data preparation technology in their evaluation including integration/exploration, data manipulation, data governance, UX/UI, administration, data output/analytics support and machine learning/collaboration.

Bartley’s report contains a tremendous amount of valuable information on the data preparation market and the different vendors within it so I highly recommend you download the report in its entirety.