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New York and San Francisco Trifacta User Groups

March 16, 2018

Building a new community from the ground up is an exciting, and nerve-wracking, process. To rephrase the famous line from the movie Field of Dreams: If we build it, will they come? In the case of our first-ever New York City user group, which took place on March 1, the answer was a happy one. So many people registered, in fact, that we had to move to a new venue ten days before the meetup to make sure we had enough room. Of course, on the day of the event, nor’easter Ryan blew in, the biggest storm of the year in NYC, and our attendance was a bit lower than anticipated, but the event was a great success!

The main speaker of the night was Raghav Vashisht, big data developer at New York Life, who presented on how the company is implementing Hadoop and Trifacta to build a centralized datalake and make it possible for data analysts to access, wrangle, and analyze data. Then, Chris Moore, principal sales engineer at Trifacta, demonstrated real-world examples of data onboarding and data wrangling, including a personal anecdote around using Trifacta Wrangler to help his family physician analyze data from an iWatch.

All in all, it was an informative, Wrangle-filled evening. Big thanks to all the customers and new data analysts that showed up, and special thanks to our partners at Arcadia Data for sponsoring the event. Some snaps from the event:

Trifacta user group NYCTrifacta user group - NYC
NYC user groupNYC user group


Sign up today: San Francisco Data & Drinks

We’re hitting the ground running with our user groups – I’m happy to announce our second user group San Francisco on April 11! We are very excited to feature two talks:

Alex Rasmussen, Vice President of Engineering at Freenome, will speak on How Freenome Wrangles Patient Data in its Quest for Early Cancer Detection. Freenome’s goal is to use cutting-edge gene sequencing and machine learning technologies to detect early-stage cancer with a simple blood test. In this talk, we’ll explore the data wrangling challenges that Freenome has faced, and how Trifacta Wrangler was instrumental in overcoming those challenges.

In addition, Ashley Brown, Manager of Impact and Learning at TippingPoint, will be speaking on Understanding the Effects of Poverty at TippingPoint. Tipping Point Community works to break the cycle of poverty for individuals and families in the Bay Area. We leverage the resources and expertise of our community to invest in solutions that prevent poverty: a nurturing early childhood, strong education, gainful employment, and secure housing. In this presentation, we’ll demonstrate how we used Trifacta to transform large public datasets into a structure that allowed us to evaluate our education portfolio’s performance.

Join us at our San Francisco meetup at the Microsoft Reactor office next month.

More meetups on the way

We are planning more meetups in more cities. We are looking for:

  • Speakers: Got a wrangling story you can tell? We’d love to hear it.
  • Hosts: Got space? Let us know, we might just take you up on the offer.
  • User group leaders: Want to help organize a meetup in your area? We’ll be happy to make it happen.
  • Sponsors: Open to official Trifacta partners.

Email me at community [at] trifacta [dot] com to get involved in a future user group.