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New Year, New Wrangler

January 26, 2017

Quite a bit has happened since the initial launch of Trifacta Wrangler in 2015. From a Data Science Masters student at Columbia University using Wrangler to uncover new insights in flood data, to a data management professor at the University of Twente leveraging Wrangler for a workshop on data wrangling, we’ve been amazed at what the data community has been able to accomplish with Wrangler over the past 15 months.

With tens of thousands of users at more than 4,500 companies in 133 countries globally, we have worked hard to provide Wrangler users with the best tutorials, knowledge base and support materials to help ensure success with their wrangling use cases.  

Given Wrangler is a freely available community version of our enterprise product, it is often the very first interaction individuals have with our technology and team. It’s our goal to make this initial experience a positive one that entices you to keep coming back to Wrangler for exploring and preparing diverse files & spreadsheets.

A big part of reaching this goal is making sure Wrangler is routinely updated with the latest features available in our enterprise product. With the new year upon us, we felt it was time to give Wrangler an upgrade and incorporate features from the v4 release of Wrangler Enterprise into the free edition.

To encourage everyone to get their hands on the latest release, we’re hosting a contest open to all Wrangler users. We’ll be handing out free t-shirts to those who participate and a select few will be taking home cash prizes. 

Below, I have included a few highlights of the features now available in the latest release. If you already have Wrangler on your desktop, the product will automatically update to the new version upon opening the application. If you don’t already have Wrangler sign up today and start wrangling. 

New Features in Wrangler:

Builder – More Intuitive Way to Craft Wrangling Logic:
The introduction of Builder brings a new guided experience for crafting steps in your wrangling recipe. The interface automatically breaks down each of the elements of the wrangling operation and provides extensive descriptive guidance, examples and intelligent suggestions to guide nontechnical users through building wrangling steps. Builder is intended to make the process of crafting wrangling steps from scratch more intuitive and efficient. New users can start being productive with Wrangler faster than ever, and complex wrangling tasks become possible for any user.

Photon Compute Engine – Improved Scale & Performance:
You may have seen our announcement a few months back on the Photon Compute Engine – an entirely new data processing engine we’ve embedded into the Trifacta application and Intelligent Execution architecture. In this latest update of Wrangler, we have replaced the previous data processing engine packaged in Wrangler with Photon, providing fast data processing and improved application performance at each stage of building your data preparation recipe. You can now visualize and interactively wrangle 20x more data volume in the Transformer grid with immediate UI responsiveness.

Live Chat Support – Access to Immediate Help for All Users:
Another big addition to the Wrangler product is the incorporation of live chat support directly within the Wrangler application. Have a question on how to perform a specific function in Wrangler? Simply open up the chat window to connect with one of our support and customer success specialists to guide you through any questions you may have in using Wrangler.

Fuzzy Join – More Ways to Find Join Key Matches :
With Trifacta’s new Fuzzy Join feature, end users can join together data sets with similar but inexact join key matches.  This eliminates the need to perform painful standardization processes across disparate datasets prior to join execution. Instead, users can select text standardization options and preview the match quality as an integrated part of the join process.

I hope this gives you a sense for the new features available in the latest update of Wrangler. We encourage you to try out the new version, take a turn at the contest and let us know what you think at

We look forward to hearing from you!