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Flows 2.0 – A New Flow Creation Experience

August 6, 2020
New flow visuals

Those of you who have been using Trifacta recently may have noticed the option to try out the beta of Trifacta’s next generation of flows. Today we’re making this feature fully available across all editions of Trifacta. Flows 2.0 improve the user experience when working within flow view and enhances the ability to organize, annotate, visualize and customize flows.


Flows 2.0 has a redesigned graph to show connections of input and output data, making it easier to understand the flow of your data from input to output. Additionally, this new interface makes reference datasets and outputs a standalone node on the canvas rather than being bound to a recipe. This has been a much requested enhancement and gives more visibility into the exact process of a flow. 

New flow interactions

Users can now drag and drop datasets, recipes, and outputs, can zoom in and zoom out, and leave notes within the flow. You can also utilize multi select with command/ctrl + drag or command/ctrl + clicking multiple nodes. This gives users the ability to freely position nodes around the canvas and organize nodes as desired. Panning and zooming allows easier navigation as flows get more complex and multi-select allows for easier bulk actions. Additionally, Flows 2.0 gives users the ability to add comments and annotations to a flow, to make notes for other users of the flow and to track the work being done at the flow level in addition to the recipe level comments already available. These flow notes can be moved around freely to anywhere in the flow. 

Join and union from flow

Additionally, users can now initiate joins and unions within the flow view. In certain situations, it may be more natural to join or union from the flow view as it maintains a view of the connection between the datasets. You can continue to perform joins and unions in the transformer view as well if that is your preference.

Search for flow nodes by type

Another new feature in Flows 2.0 is the ability to search the names and descriptions of different nodes within a flow. This is particularly useful for finding nodes within complex flows containing many nodes of various types. You can access the flow search panel by clicking on the magnifying glass icon located in the top right corner of the flow view navigation menu. Once you start typing a search term and optionally select the types of nodes to search, the search results are highlighted in yellow both in the node graph and in list format in the search panel. Users can then navigate to a particular node in the graph by choosing the Show in flow’ option. The ability to search on Names and Descriptions is just the beginning of flow search, as we are planning to add more search capabilities in upcoming releases.


If you are interested trying out the new flow creation experience in Trifacta for yourself, start free today!