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New Features in Wrangler – Flow View, Natural Language, Column Menus & More

April 26, 2017

A few months after our last update to Wrangler, we are back with another release. This latest update to Wrangler focuses on enabling users to more efficiently manage wrangling workflows that incorporate multiple datasets, improving the readability of recipes, and providing column-level shortcuts to common wrangling tasks, in addition to other new functionality.

Over the past year, our product and engineering teams have worked tirelessly to accelerate the development process at Trifacta, which will benefit users by increasing the frequency and scope of releases we’re able to push out for Wrangler. In other words, 2017 will be an exciting year of progress for Wrangler so stay tuned. Now let’s dive into the highlights of this latest update to Wrangler.

Flow View

Flow View is a new high-level visual depiction of the different datasets and recipes that make up a wrangling workflow. Given that many wrangling jobs Trifacta users need to perform incorporate multiple datasets, our team has developed Flow View to give users an intuitive summary of the different elements and dependencies within these types of processes. We’ve included a screenshot of what Flow View looks like within the UI below in case you haven’t experienced it within the product yet. Additionally, UX Designer Elmer Kim will be providing a more in-depth explanation of Flow View in a forthcoming blog post.  

Click here for additional documentation on Flow View.

Natural Language Recipes

We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of our domain specific language for data transformation called Wrangle over the past few years. However, as Wrangler has evolved, we have done a lot of work to make crafting wrangling logic more intuitive, no longer requiring users to know the Wrangle language to be productive in preparing their data. With the addition of Natural Language Recipes, we are providing an alternate, more human-readable version of the wrangling recipes users craft in the application. Now users have the ability to see both a Natural Language version of their recipe as well as the existing Wrangle language version. This is especially valuable when collaborating around your data with other business users who may be less familiar with Trifacta.

(Natural Language recipe on the left vs. Wrangle recipe on the right)

Click here for additional documentation on Natural Language Recipes.

Column Browser Panel & New Column Menu Shortcuts

Within Wrangler, we provide a number of different ways for users to define wrangling logic. The updated Column Browser Panel enables users to quickly scan data type and quality information across the many columns of a dataset (this is especially valuable for wide datasets with many columns). From the Column Browser Panel, users can select data of interest to display in the Transformer Grid or the Column Details view or to prompt suggestions for recipe steps. Users can also leverage the panel to locate specific attributes or filter according to data type or quality.

The release also includes new column menu shortcuts for users to perform common actions such as renaming, changing data types, duplicating or sorting values of a column. We analyzed the top data wrangling recipe steps crafted by Trifacta users and now provide them in organized, easily accessible menus. These task shortcuts come with parts of the recipe step pre-filled, cutting down on the time needed to design and create a wrangling recipe.

Click here additional documentation on the Column Browser Panel and here for Column Menu Shortcut documentation.

As with every release, we’ve also made updates to our Wrangle Language and invite you to review our documentation for details.

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Now that you know more about the new features in Wrangler, it’s time to try them out! In fact, we actually have a Wrangler contest underway to help users get started with the product.