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New Features Now Live in Wrangler!

November 27, 2017

We just updated Wrangler, our completely free cloud-based application, and are excited to share how this new functionality is designed to make your data prep work faster and easier.

If you don’t already have Wrangler sign up here. For existing users, just open up the app on your desktop and the product will update automatically.

What’s new in Wrangler:

See More of Your Data While Wrangling
We’ve re-arranged the interface so all transformation suggestions, recipe steps and editing occur within a panel on the right side of the grid, freeing up space to see more rows of data while you’re wrangling.

More Flexible Joins
When working across disparate files, the same columns or data types aren’t always represented precisely the same way. With Fuzzy Join, users can more flexibly identify and blend together data sets with non-exact matching columns.

New Conditional CASE Function
With the newly added CASE function, users will be able to create conditional clauses in Wrangler to generate new output columns. An easy way to think of this new function is as an If-Then statement that supports multiple inputs and outputs.

Here’s a basic example of leveraging the CASE function to define a new column “Qty_Eval” showing high, medium or low quantity based on the numeric value of the “Qty” column that row:

This is just a peek at what’s now available in Wrangler.

For more information, check out the new release in our official release documentation.