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Announcing New Trifacta Editions, Usage-Based Pricing and Convenient Online Credit Card Purchasing

March 25, 2021

Today is a significant day for Trifacta and one of our biggest announcements since our founding in 2012. We are extremely excited to announce new, usage-based pricing with both pay-as-you-go and credit card options. 

Why did we decide to overhaul our pricing strategy? First, because we recognize that every organization is at different stages in their analytics journey and aligns best with different pricing strategies. Some organizations have a data engineering team well-accustomed to managing modern data pipelines and ELT processes; others have no data engineering team at all. Our product already accommodates a range of user types and data projects—it was time for our pricing options to catch up. 

Second, we wanted our pricing strategies to reflect where the market is headed and, increasingly, what the majority of our customer base prefer: SaaS. The SaaS market has seen astronomical growth not only for its flexibility, scalability, and ease of use, but also for its pricing options. Most SaaS technologies are priced per consumption with the option to cancel any time. Not only is this ideal for smaller organizations that can’t afford to invest a lot up front, but it also allows all organizations to reduce costs by only paying for what actually drives value, instead of newly installed software that hasn’t yet been adopted. 

Our new pricing includes three editions—Starter, Professional, and Enterprise—that bring Trifacta’s market-leading data engineering capabilities to teams of any size with no limits on the number of data projects. We’re here to help organizations navigate which option is the best fit for them, and are excited to watch as organizations scale and expand with Trifacta. 

The highlights of Trifacta’s new pricing include:

  • Pricing Aligned with Usage and Value: To better correlate subscription costs to business value, Trifacta has moved to a usage-based pricing model where subscription fees are tied strictly to users and compute (vCPU hours). Compute consumption is based on the volume of data processed and the complexity of transformations, which means customers only pay more when they transform more data.
  • Predictable Charges: The new pricing metrics are easy to understand and calculate, and Trifacta offers a 30-day free trial, which allows users to experience the full platform before deciding to purchase a subscription. During the trial, users can connect and prepare data in a production-like setting. The Workspace Usage page in the product displays the compute consumed and the estimated monthly bill prior to purchase.
  • Choice and Flexibility: Trifacta now offers three subscription editions (Starter, Professional, and Enterprise) to meet the needs of a wide range of users—from single individuals doing ad hoc data cleansing, to teams automating data pipelines, and to enterprises requiring robust governance and controls. Month-to-month and discounted annual subscriptions are available, as are self-serve purchases via credit card and cloud marketplaces. In addition to pricing flexibility, Trifacta allows customers to switch easily between the Starter and Professional editions as needed.
  • Cost Control and Governance: All customers receive a detailed breakdown of their subscription costs each month. To avoid any unexpected costs, administrators can set limits on the maximum compute that each job run can consume. They can also track expenses by individual user and workspace, giving administrators the ability to attribute expenses to teams or cost centers within their company.

Find out more about our new pricing and product capabilities here. If you’d like to learn more about the trends and technology in data engineering, register now for the Wrangle Summit 2021 on April 7-9, 2021, the first conference dedicated exclusively to data engineering hosted by Trifacta and Google Cloud.