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Unveiling New Cloud Data Warehouse Use Cases for Cloud Dataprep at Google Next ‘20

September 17, 2020

The biggest news for all things Google Cloud can be found at the Google Cloud Next conferences in the US and in Europe. This year it’s being dubbed Google Cloud Next ’20: OnAir in light of its transition from an in-person even to a multi-week digital event series. During our virtual Next ‘20 presentation, we shared big updates on Google Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta’s newly-launched features that introduce a slew of new possible use cases to Cloud Dataprep users for their Cloud Data Warehouse and Cloud Data Lake initiatives.

Google Cloud Dataprep by Trifacta, an intelligent data preparation service on the Google Cloud Platform, was jointly developed and supported by the two companies in 2017. Cloud Dataprep offers the best of both worlds: the intelligence and intuitive nature of Trifacta data preparation technology, while operating as a Google Cloud service, which means users can take advantage of the Google Platform ecosystem including BigQuery and Dataflow, while avoiding overhead costs. Since the inception of Cloud Dataprep, Trifacta and Google have worked hand in hand to ensure that the product is continually improving and responding to the needs of its users.

The new features for Cloud Dataprep span across two editions, the Standard and Premium edition, the latter of which offers benefits such as advanced APIs to integrate with a broader set of analytics applications, and increased connectivity, advanced Dataflow tuning, security personalization and end to end data pipeline orchestration for BigQuery Data Warehouse or Data Lake. The new features can be broadly categorized into four groups: 

  • Additional connectivity including Google Sheets, Salesforce, Oracle, MySql, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQLServer
  • End-to-end data pipeline orchestration for automating your data flows
  • Enterprise-scale operationalization with performance tuning and lifecycle management
  • Advanced data & network security with direct access to Trifacta’s Support & Customer Success teams

Learn more about the new Cloud Dataprep features in the presentation below and get started with Cloud Dataprep for free here.