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Why My Data Journey Led Me to Trifacta

June 9, 2020

I am honored and very excited to join the Trifacta family as our Chief Customer Officer. I am excited by Trifacta’s mission to empower teams to make better decisions by changing the way the world works with data. I have spent the past 20 years in the analytics space and have consistently tried to empower users with the information they need to be successful.

I began that journey by building Siebel Sales Analytics applications that helped organizations deliver actionable insights to their sales organizations via pre-built dashboards. These applications were quick to stand up but difficult to configure or modify so most organizations struggled to keep their analytics aligned with their ever-evolving business priorities and initiatives. I then co-founded Birst to empower organizations to quickly build, extend and modify centralized analytical applications via the industry’s most flexible and powerful cloud analytics platform. This novel approach empowered some of the largest organizations on earth to build and deliver analytical applications that empowered their end users to make better informed decisions via interactive dashboards.

I am now excited to be part of Trifacta and its effort to empower the growing variety of data workers  to engage directly with their data so they can craft and modify their own analytics solutions rather than consuming dashboards published centrally for use by large numbers of similar users. The data revolution is one in which speed and adaptability are the primary pillars of end user success so Trifacta’s approach of bringing the ability to adapt and change analytics to data analysts, engineers and scientists provides organizations with a powerful competitive advantage. The fact that Trifacta uniquely combines this user-driven adaptability with the scalability and reusability of a cloud platform makes it the perfect platform for organizations to leverage as the centerpiece of their analytics initiatives.

I am also honored to join the Trifacta family. I have been very impressed by the intelligence, professionalism, pragmatism and kindness of the leaders at Trifacta. The culture of the organization flows from our CEO, Adam Wilson, and our founders, (Joe Hellerstein, Jeff Heer and Sean Kandel) and provides the right context for our organization to partner productively with our customers, who include some of the largest organizations on earth. I am excited by the opportunity to partner with our customers to help bring more insight to more people more flexibly and more scalably than ever before.

Here’s to the next great adventure – together!

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