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Meet the Trifacta Data Wrangling Success Team

September 4, 2015

Trifacta has always been focused on the user experience; connecting people to data is a core part of our company’s DNA. Every team in Trifacta, from engineering to marketing, cares deeply about the human aspect of data wrangling. But the team that pays the most attention to making data wrangling easy (and fun!) is the Customer Success Management department. This team focuses 100% on helping customers turn their data into valuable insights.

Our Jobs:

Customer Success Managers: If you think of the Customer Success Management department as a football team, Customer Success Managers are the quarterbacks. These individuals coordinate Trifacta’s post-sales engagement and connect customers to the resources they need to make their Trifacta projects successful. Above all, Customer Success Managers make sure that customers are able to move their data wrangling projects into production on Trifacta to  derive significant business benefits.

Solutions Architects: Solutions Architects have deep knowledge of the Hadoop ecosystem and familiarity with the best practices of data science. They run customer installations, provide guidance on integrating Trifacta with Hadoop components, and facilitate expert sessions.

Technical Support: Trifacta Technical Support are the first responders for immediate customer problems. Whether you are faced with a challenging data wrangling problem or just looking for usage advice, our support team will help you find the solution.

Meet the Team:

Connor Carreras

Connor Carreras

Connor is a Customer Success Manager. She is willing to do whatever it takes to help customers succeed, whether that requires sleeping under her desk during a go-live or advocating for customers with the product management and engineering teams. In her spare time, Connor enjoys playing tennis, skiing, and exploring San Francisco.

Bob Hardaway

Bob Hardaway

Bob is a Senior Customer Solutions Architect, as well as an avid cyclist, data wrangler and aspiring photographer. He embraces the challenge of wrestling complex data problems and relishes the opportunity to tame big data and drive value for the business. Most of all, Bob enjoys helping businesses use data to make decisions.


Jeremy Long

Jeremy wears dual hats as our Technical Support Manager and as a Customer Success Manager. His days are typically spent helping Trifacta users with their most difficult wrangling and technical challenges. A marathon runner and a devoted reader of post-apocalyptic science-fiction, on the weekends you can often find him reading or running in San Francisco’s great outdoors.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 10.48.17 AM

Luo Ni

Luo is a Customer Solutions Architect and an aspiring data scientist. By day, he manages Hadoop clusters and wrangles data for businesses; by night, he wrangles sports statistics to crush his opponents in fantasy. He also loves to travel and will eat anything.


Doug Stradley

Doug hates fly fishing for trout in beautiful mountain streams…so you shouldn’t bring it up around him.  Doug is the Director of Customer Success and spends his time focusing on creating perfect marriages between humans and technology. Given a healthy relationship the two can accomplish great things.

Stay tuned for future blog entries from the CSM team! We’ll be writing regularly about how customers have used Trifacta, and sharing some best practices and useful tricks to help you solve your data wrangling challenges. Check out our Support Portal online at or in-app by clicking the help icon.