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Why Medecision Selected Trifacta for Data Preparation on Amazon Web Services

April 30, 2020

We are very excited to announce that Aerial™ by Medecision has become a part of the Trifacta family of customers. Aerial by Medecision connects the healthcare ecosystem to improve the health of consumers in an integrated virtual care experience, and the company partners with risk-bearing organizations to manage more than 50 million members in commercial, Medicare Advantage and Medicaid programs. We are especially proud to have them partner with Trifacta as they add to a growing list of customers in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries  including: IQVIA, Kaiser Permanente, GSK, CDC and CMS.

Aerial by Medecision is modernizing their architecture by moving their data platform to Amazon Web Services (AWS). “Trifacta’s native integration with AWS was key for us given our investment in AWS as our data platform,” said Jessica Macknight, VP Enterprise Data, Analytics & BI at Medecision. “Combining native cloud support with their best-in-class data preparation functionality, it was easy for our team to choose Trifacta over traditional desktop ETL platforms. Trifacta excels at onboarding custom data. With the amounts of data we receive from clients and third parties, we can quickly and easily make this data usable for our clients.”

The Aerial solution receives data from client systems which come in various file formats including more difficult file types such as X12, HL7, etc. Aerial requires structured and normalized files to fit the solution’s schema. This client data ends up in the hands of the Data Operations team where the data is proceeded through a series of data quality validations, then uploaded into Aerial to create a 360-degree view of the healthcare consumer. Care teams use this patient health view to ensure coordinated and connected health experiences.

Integrating unfamiliar data is one of Trifacta’s cornerstones. Trifacta provides visual profiles and data quality information to make discovering the contents of inbound data quick and easy. Aerial’s use case is the perfect challenge for Trifacta to solve. The Data Operations team can create automated workflows that can ingest clients’ data from multiple sources, then analyze, map and publish data to the Aerial Insights solution. 

Once again, we’d like to welcome Aerial by Medecision to Trifacta and we look forward to continuing our partnership on future data preparation challenges.

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