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May ‘19 Release – Join Improvements and Ranking Functions

May 15, 2019

Trifacta’s May ‘19 Wrangler and Wrangler Pro release brings additional improvements to the Join interface, as well as the addition of the RANK and DENSERANK functions. Both of these improvements come from feedback from our customers and community and we are excited to make them available first to our Wrangler and Wrangler Pro products.

What’s new:

  • Join Improvements
  • RANK and DENSERANK functions

Join Improvements

With the new release of Trifacta, you are now able to select the dataset or recipe to join from a view of the Flow. This makes organization in more complicated flows much easier.


Rank and DENSERANK now allow you to rank numeric columns in a single step. RANK Computes the rank of a numeric column. Tie values are assigned the same rank, and the next ranking is incremented by the number of tie values. DENSERANK operates the same when ranking values, however, the next ranking value after a tie is incremented by one.


          Value                 RANK            DENSERANK 


1 1


2 2


2 2




12 5


12 5


15 7


To try out the new Join improvements, ranking functions and all of the other great features available in our free Wrangler edition, sign up here.


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