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March ‘19 Release – New Selection Model and Job Monitoring

March 5, 2019

Trifacta’s March ‘19 release includes a new selection model that improves profiling and data interaction in the Transformer Grid. Additionally, we have released a new Job Details Page that improves Job Monitoring, giving users and admins more insight into job runs.

The last few releases have focused on features that were included in both free Wrangler and Wrangler Pro, our two editions of managed cloud offering. This time, there are a couple new features specific to Trifacta Wrangler Pro reflected in the table below.

The enhanced
Selection Model makes for quicker and more intuitive interactions within the Transformation Grid. Selecting a column now gives users a more complete profile of the column. Additionally, it gives users quicker access points to more detailed profiling information depending on the columns data type. For instance, a date column will give users options to explore the distributions of values in terms of years, months, days of the week, etc. Excluding weekends, as an example, now only requires a few interactions with the profile:

Likewise, cleaning up issues in columns with multiple date formats can be quickly addressed by interacting with Patterns:

The enhanced Selection Model also allows for similar interactions as those in the Columns View. You can now copy and paste columns:

You can also perform multi-column selection in the Transformer Grid, which updates suggestions based on the context, and works with the Toolbar–allowing for quick and easy multi-column transformations:

Job Monitoring

The March ‘19 Release also has enhancements to our Job Monitoring. This redesigned page now includes the following tabs:

  • OverviewA summary page of the job run
  • Output Destinations – Information on the output datasets and download link
  • Profile – Overview of profiling information like missing values, column distributions, etc.
  • Dependencies – An audit trail of the recipes and steps involved in the job run
  • Data sources – Information on the datasets used to create the job output
  • Parameters – An optional screen that lists any parameters used to create the data sources

For flows using parameters in the input, you will see the following information:

Native Redshift Read and Write and Enhanced JDBC Connectivity

Trifacta Wrangler Pro now has native read and write to Amazon Redshift. Additionally, this release adds connectivity to JDBC sources to Wrangler Pro. To find out more about Trifacta Wrangler Pro, visit our editions page.

To try out the new Selection Model and Job Monitoring, and all of the other great features available in our free Wrangler edition, sign up here.