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January ’20 Wrangler Release Highlight – Job Results in PDF, Report an Issue

January 29, 2020

We are starting the new year with two highly requested features from our users! New in the the January ‘20 Wrangler release from Trifacta:  

  • Download Job Results Profile in PDF Format
  • Report an Issue through the Application

Download Job Results Profile in PDF format

Backed by popular demand, in the January ‘20 release of Trifacta Wrangler, users can now download the visual profile of jobs in PDF or JSON format.

Use the PDF download to share summaries of the generated job results. JSON outputs can be used to ingest in other systems, where profile analytics can be performed.

Report an issue

Before you contact Trifacta Support, you can now gather useful session information from a single location to accelerate the support process. This information is now available through the Trifacta application. From the application menu, select Help > Report issue. Provide this information when you submit a request to Trifacta Support. No screenshots or logs required! 

To see all of the new features from this past year, check out our recent Top 10 of 2019 blog! Still haven’t tried Trifacta for yourself yet? Try it for free today!