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Data Wrangling to the People

October 19, 2015

I still remember the first time I saw Data Wrangler, Trifacta CTO Sean Kandel’s graduate research project at Stanford. It was the middle of the night in a hotel room in Prague and I was thirty minutes away from my first phone call with Wei Zheng, Trifacta’s VP of Product. I had just spent the previous few days deep in the weeds updating an analytics application’s ETL workflow to support the new version of an API it pulled data from. Countless hours had been sunk running and rerunning workflows in an attempt to fix broken parsing rules, date format inconsistencies, and inexplicably missing data. Even more time was spent anxiously worrying about all of the issues I likely hadn’t been able to find.

Somewhere in the back of my mind the thought “there has to be a better way” had been taking shape for some time. After a few minutes with Data Wrangler it suddenly snapped into focus; there is a better way. I remember how exciting it was to realize that there were people out there who hadn’t given up on the problem, who were hard at work trying to make data useful and accessible to everyone.

Fast forward two years, Trifacta has been helping people of all technical proficiencies access, understand, and transform data in Hadoop. We’ve talked with a lot of people, learned about the challenges they face, and rolled that experience back into our product. One (unsurprising) belief of ours has been confirmed time and time again: you don’t need Hadoop to have problems working with data. In fact, it’s often the people furthest from the bleeding edge of technology that are in the most desperate need of tools to help make them more productive with data. They’re the ones that can benefit most from a product that helps demystify the process of turning raw data into something useful.

Since joining Trifacta I’ve always wished that we could give more people that aha moment I felt my first time playing with Data Wrangler. More importantly, that we could give it to everyone, regardless of the resources or infrastructure they have access to. Today we’re going back to our Data Wrangler roots and doing just that: It is my great pleasure to announce Trifacta Wrangler.

Trifacta Wrangler is a free product that aims to deliver on our mission to make working with data a more efficient, intuitive and enjoyable experience for all. It brings our unique approach to data wrangling, one that lets users actually see and interact with the content of their data, to the desktop. Users with a variety of technical and analytic skill levels can use Trifacta Wrangler to guide them through the data wrangling process (discovering, structuring, cleaning, enriching, validating, and publishing) for a variety of downstream analytic and visualization purposes.

Anyone with a Mac or Windows computer can download, install, and start using Trifacta Wrangler today. Trifacta Wrangler is a connected desktop application (think Slack or Spotify). Simply put, that means your data is stored and processed safely on your computer without ever being sent to Trifacta. At the same time you get all of the benefits of a cloud hosted application; we’re able to regularly push out new features and bug fixes without painful upgrades.

Trifacta Wrangler is free and we’d love for you to try it out. To get started visit