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Introducing Powered by Trifacta

January 28, 2021

As the VP of Alliances at Trifacta, I’m lucky enough to work with our many technology, consulting, and reseller partners that enhance the Trifacta experience and amplify our community of users. And as our network of partners continues to broaden and diversify, we’ve taken great care to ensure that our partner program isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” approach, but instead caters to the specific needs of each partner. 

To that end, I’m excited to announce a branch of our partner program that is geared toward a unique type of partner. Powered by Trifacta is a new home for analytic providers that leverage Trifacta as part of their packaged analytics offerings. Powered by Trifacta raises the stakes with advanced product access and APIs that allow analytics providers to embed Trifacta as part of their product or service. 

Analytic vendors that incorporate Trifacta as part of their offering see two main benefits: one, it reduces time spent on data preparation and generates value faster for customers. And two, Trifacta allows vendors to become a strategic analytic partner for their customers from the get-go—not just when customers encounter issues with their product down the road. As vendors prepare raw customer data with Trifacta, they will often spot unforeseen analytics opportunities or data quality issues that could skew results, allowing them to advise their customers toward new analytic or data management opportunities. Those services not only lead to additional value for customers, but also mean increased revenue for analytic providers. 

Benefits of Powered by Trifacta
Among analytic vendors, Trifacta has become an indispensable component. As one of our Powered by Trifacta partners put it, Trifacta is “the key enabler of everything else—whatever value we can create with any tools or advice, if there is not this [data preparation] step, then nothing can be delivered.”

Upon joining the Powered by Trifacta program, you can expect to: 

  • Build more efficient, streamlined data applications.
    Solve the messiest, most time-consuming part of analytics with a data preparation platform baked into your application that accelerates data prep by up to 90%.
  • Increase revenue and reduce costs.
    Slash the costs of your own resources preparing data for customers and increase revenue with a more robust, complete data offering. For example, Trifacta partner Accenture found that they could maintain the same project completion rate with one analyst, when it had originally required four.
  • Enable self-service.
    The Trifacta experience allows anyone to point, swipe, or click their way to better data transformations—no coding experience needed. That means more involvement from and better transparency with your customers from both IT departments and lines of business.
  • Unlock top-tier product access.
    Extensive APIs and our most advanced product features ensure the success of analytics solutions. We also offer roadmap previews, early product version and demo environment access, and unparalleled Trifacta technical support, including free training.

Powered by Trifacta Partners 

We’ve seen organizations across all industries augment their analytic offerings with Trifacta. Here are a few examples of organizations included in our Powered by Trifacta program: 

  • Accenture
    Accenture’s INTIENT platform provides life sciences organizations with end-to-end capabilities from discovery and research to clinical development and the delivery of treatments. The ability to more quickly explore, clean and prepare data with Trifacta allows these companies to drive results from the INTIENT platform faster and, in turn, accelerate drug discovery and deliver better patient outcomes.
    Read more about our partnership with Accenture in our recent press release.
  • The TopLineLab
    The TopLineLab guides its customers through pricing and revenue transformations with a Common Data Model (CDM), used as a single source of truth for all data. Trifacta sits between data collection processes and the Common Data Model in order to rapidly cleanse and join all required data. Since Trifacta seamlessly integrates with all top cloud providers, Trifacta can be deployed for all TopLineLab customers.
    Learn more about The TopLineLab by watching its customer video. 


To learn more about the Powered by Trifacta program, read our official press release or sign up to join our Powered by Trifacta program today.